Chinese billiards ranking match week Doudou big loss, white pigeon lost the decisive game

On May 26, Beijing time, the first 2012 “star Cup” national Chinese billiards ranking competition entered the fourth competition day in Zhengzhou Gaogu billiards club. In the women’s semifinals, Wang and Zhang made it to the final.

Zhou Doudou played against Zhang Xiaotong, who eliminated Liu Shasha yesterday in the semi-final. In the first game, Zhou Doudou chose to defend after playing the last sub ball, but he accidentally put the other side’s ball in the pocket. After Zhang Xiaotong played the last sub ball, the position of the No. 8 ball was not very ideal. After defending, Zhou Doudou left the No. 8 ball in the middle pocket, and Zhang Xiaotong took the lead to get one point, 1-0. In the second inning, Zhou Doudou made another mistake at the defensive end, but Zhang Xiaotong dropped the ball at the same time, 1-1. The next two games, Zhou Doudou still did not get a good chance to 1-3 behind.

In the fifth inning, Zhou Doudou still failed to adjust his accuracy and didn’t have a more consistent attack. Zhang Xiaotong adapted the score to 4-1. In the sixth inning, Zhang Xiaotong made persistent efforts to get the match point 5-1. In the seventh inning, Zhou Doudou, who withstood the pressure, finished a shot to clear the platform directly, 2-5. In the eighth inning, Zhang Xiaotong made a mistake when he hit the No. 8 ball, and Zhou Doudou got the chance to get the ball in his hand. However, there was a problem in the handling of the last No. 6 ball. Zhang Xiaotong finished the game after accurately hitting the No. 6 ball from afar and won the final 6-2.

White pigeon and Wang Premier League’s competition, both sides fight into 1:1 draw at the beginning stage. In the third inning, the white pigeon’s No.8 ball failed to be played, instead, it hit the opponent’s No.1 ball to the pocket, Wang’s Premier League leading 2-1. In the fourth inning, the white dove accurately hit the No. 8 ball of the long table, 2-2. Wang then gradually controlled the game and won the match point 5-3, but the white dove then leveled the score and entered the decisive game. In the key 11th inning, the white dove hit the ball with a high pole, but Wang Premier League also made mistakes later. After the white dove successfully turned over the next ball, he made another mistake when playing a sub ball beside the bank. Wang Premier League finally won the game 6-5 to advance to the final.

At 7 p.m. Beijing time, the competition will enter the men’s semi-final, with Li Hewen against Chen Qiang and Wang Yan against Wang Peng. will also bring you live video of two games.

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