• Snooker China tournament prize money greatly increased, champion can get 225,000 pounds

    According to the World Snooker WeChat public account, the four-year new contract signed by World Snooker, Xingpai Group and Beijing Fuhua Tourism and …

    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • Teacher Huo’s single season bonus is only 97000 pounds

    China’s Beijing time on February 21, 2020 snooker billiards single limited time game will open the prelude. Ronnie O’Sullivan, the champion of the 5th World Championships, paid his service promise last year and signed up to participate in the competition which was regarded as “dispensable” by him in the past. In addition, he worked hard to guarantee the qualification of the corals open competition!

    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • 墨菲9-1大胜夺第九冠 威尔士赛为疫情捐7.7万英镑

    网易体育2月17日报道: 2020年斯诺克威尔士公开赛落下帷幕,决赛墨菲迎战凯伦-威尔逊。比赛中墨菲优势明显,打出三杆破百和三杆70+,以9-1的大比分横扫凯伦-威尔逊,获得个人第九个排名赛冠军,进账7万英镑冠军奖金。而本届威尔士赛,最终打出77杆破百,为中国疫情捐款7.7万英镑。 墨菲与凯伦-威尔…

    Event news 2016年12月22日

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