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This year is the 15th consecutive year that the Snooker China Open has been held. The title of the event is Xingpai, the table supplier for all major snooker events in the world. This is a private company with a history of 32 years. It is such a private company that has operated the world’s second largest event for two consecutive years-the China Open with a total prize money of 1 million pounds.

Fourteen years ago, Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open in Beijing. At the age of 18, he joined the star. He joined the “Nine Ball Queen” Pan Xiaoting, the golden boy and jade girl of the Chinese billiards circle. People talked about hot topics. They have been together with the “Xingpai” chest label for 14 years, and to this day, they are still the first brother and the first sister of the Xingpai brand.

In the past 14 years, the China Open has continued to grow and become a Beijing signature event like the North Malaysia and China Open. However, the achievement of any career requires hard work and many challenges. In 14 years, the sponsors of the event have changed and the organizers have changed, and the venues have changed and changed. , Only Xingpai goes all the way.

Starting in 2018, the Snooker China Open is operated by Xingpai, the number one brand in the global billiards industry. The sponsor of the 2019 event is also Xingpai Group. Gan Jialing, general manager of Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., is a post-90s generation. He and his company currently not only host the Snooker China Open, but also the Chinese Billiards World Championships and other events, but these are not all. In the future, he will have a broader territory, and he will make the sports industry empire of his father’s generation bigger and broader.

When introducing the situation of the China Open, Gan Jialing said: “As the organizer, we have prepared the best venues, the best equipment, the best supporting facilities, and the best reception services for it. It is to turn the Snooker China Open into a classic traditional event, so as to promote the development of Chinese snooker and even Chinese billiards. In order to achieve this goal, how much money is spent is worth it.”

In addition to the million pounds in prize money, the various expenses of the tournament are also not small, but Gan Jialing believes that everything is worth it. This is the responsibility and mission of Xingpai, as well as the mission of Chinese billiards. For 32 years, Xingpai has played an important role in the development of Chinese billiards. From the birth of the first table to becoming the largest comprehensive enterprise integrating professional billiard equipment production, research and development, and sales, Xingpai Step by step, we will expand our territory and consolidate ourselves.

In the 1980s, Gan Lianfang started with 8,000 yuan and produced the first pool table, which sold for 350 yuan. After that, Gan Lianfang and his brothers and friends embarked on the path of billiards. Gan Lianfang’s younger brother Gan Liantong recalled that he used to say that “beads of sweat were smashed to make one table after another.” The brothers’ entrepreneurial stories later became the inspirational version of farmers’ entrepreneurship, and their businesses became the myth of private enterprises.

Gan Lianfang often said that billiards is a lifelong career, “Because of my original capital accumulation, my popularity, my brand, and my value-added status, all my success comes from billiards, because I have an indissoluble bond with billiards. So no matter how big the Xingpai Group is in other businesses, I will not give up billiards. I will let it develop steadily and will never give up.”

Gan Liantong is the younger brother of Gan Lianfang and the father of Gan Jialing. In an earlier interview, he said: “Xingpai is the transmitter and disseminator of Chinese snooker and billiards culture. As a leading enterprise in the Chinese billiard industry, it has been through wind and rain for 30 years. Xingpai’s original intention to promote the development of Chinese billiards has not changed. From setting up the table on the bench to becoming a professional table for top snooker events, to hosting the world’s top snooker events and Chinese billiards events, Xingpai’s mission is to only It has become the responsibility and mission of all Xingpai people to do things that are conducive to the promotion and popularization of Chinese billiards, and go all out to make billiards popular in China and to the world.”

2007 was a milestone in the development of Xingpai. In February of that year, Xingpai obtained the billiard table inspection and approval certificate issued by WPBSA (this is to certify that Xingpai has passed the inspection of WPBSA World Billiards Association. Xingpai pool table is in line with the World Snooker Competition and English The standard of various parameters of the style table game), has the qualifications of all the world’s high-end professional billiards competitions, thus ending the history of the World Professional Taiwan Federation’s 35 years of using only one British brand table. Since then, Chinese national brands have begun to dominate the world snooker field. Nowadays, all high-level snooker game tables are all star cards.

But Snooker is not all the stars. Gan Jialing said: “Actually, Xingpai does not only focus on and host high-end competitions. We also attach great importance to basic billiards events. It continues to the current Chinese-style billiards national ranking tournament. It was founded under the guidance of the China Taiwan Association and has been hosted by Xingpai. There are also many other regional club grand prixes founded, hosted and hosted by Xingpai, at least dozens of games a year.”

Gan Jialing also pointed out that in addition to billiards, we also hope to try other sports, but this requires a good opportunity. There are also ideas to try other sports, but they are still being planned. The sports industry is booming, but the water is also deep, and the capital market is surging. Gan Jialing’s choice is very prudent, but it is still difficult to hide his ambition.

More than ten years ago, when the development of billiards in China was cold, Gan Lianfang, Gan Liantong, etc. stood up and paid for the game. It can be said that Chinese billiards have stars at every important moment in the development of billiards. In the past 14 years, Chinese billiards have developed vigorously. Is there any pressure to be a leading company in the industry? Gan Jialing said: “The development of Chinese snooker and the entire Chinese billiards market in the past 14 years is basically not substantially different from other historical periods. There are peaks and troughs. This is a normal phenomenon of economic development. The billiard industry, like other industries, needs to be nurtured and developed by all walks of life in the industry. Xingpai, as a leading enterprise in the industry, is under pressure at all times and comes from external markets. The pressure brought about by changes in conditions, as well as the pressure of the internal management of the enterprise, is forcing us to make corresponding responses and adjustments at any time. It can be said that this is also the driving force for the development of Xingpai enterprises.”

Responsible, this is the keynote set by the two generations of Xingpai to be a responsible enterprise. Of course, all companies want to survive and make money, and Xingpai does the same. When introducing the input and output, Gan Jialing said: “Xingpai is an enterprise focusing on the billiard industry and has achieved some results in the industry. Over the years, we have also made a relatively large investment in the billiard industry. The basis of these inputs comes from our understanding of the industry. Xingpai has always believed that billiards is still a relatively new industry in China, and it needs to be cultivated and improved by all sectors of the industry. Xingpai’s every investment is Based on this sense of responsibility for the industry, although some inputs will not produce much economic benefits, or there will be no economic benefits at all in the short term, this investment will help the entire billiard industry and industry, and will bring We think it is worthwhile to bring greater social benefits, and this is also one of our goals.”

The future is here, even if the thorns are so dense, it will not stop the Warriors from moving forward. Xingpai and billiards will meet a better tomorrow together.

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