England match Fu Jiajun loses Derby 00 and then upset, 14 Chinese advance to second round

In the first round of the 2017 Snooker England Open, the Chinese Army kept upset. The Derby battle Tian Pengfei 4-1 lightly shot Fu Jiajun, who scored 135 points. Professional rookie Yuan Sijun broke the 100 twice, eliminated veteran Joe Perry 4-1, and joined hands with Lu Haotian, Fang Xiongman, Zhao Xintong and Cao Yupeng to usher in a good start. At the end of the first round, a total of 14 Chinese players braved the top 64.


Last season, Fu Jiajun won the third ranking tournament in his career at the Scottish Open. In addition, this season he also had another runner-up and two top 4 impressive results. Although the results of the new season are mediocre, his current world ranking is still stable at No. 6.

Before, Fu Jiajun and Tian Pengfei had two fights, all of which ended in Tian Pengfei’s victory. After meeting for the third time, Fu Jiajun still failed to win the turnaround.

Tian Pengfei quickly entered the game with 126 points in a single stroke. Then he went 76-37 and scored a beautiful start 2-0. In the third game, Fu Jiajun reversed the decline with a gorgeous 135 points. Fu Jiajun’s momentum was quickly suppressed by Tian Pengfei’s 78 points. In the fifth game, Fu Jiajun did not improve. Tian Pengfei ended 72-4. In this way, Tian Pengfei, ranked 54th in the world, eliminated Fu Jiajun 4-1 and advanced to the top 64. In the second round, Tian Pengfei will compete with Mia.

Beijing teenager Lv Haotian, who returned to his career this year, beat Allen Taylor 4-1 and advanced into the second round to meet Scottish star McGill.

Yuan Sijun, who has just turned professional this season, broke a lot of upsets. After 00, the teenager broke the 100 with two shots in the game of the day, 4-1 to beat England veteran Joe Perry, who has entered the finals of the large ranking game four times. Yuan Sijun will play Astley next. It is worth mentioning that in the Shanghai Masters Qualifying Tournament held a week ago, Yuan Sijun was upset that he won three consecutive games under the crisis of 2-4 behind, and thrilled to reverse “Magic” Sean Murphy 5-4. , Showing no small potential.

Professional second-year Fang Xiongshao also made a splash on the day, winning another England veteran 4-2, Mark King, who won the Northern Ireland Open last year. In the second round, Fang Xiongman will face the 2015 world champion Bingham.

Shaanxi teenager Zhao Xintong defeated Gould 4-1 and advanced to the second round against Iranian player Wafi, who eliminated the Chinese professional rookie Niu Zhuang 4-2 in the game of the day. Cao Yupeng defeated Pakistan player Akbar 4-1 and advanced to the second round against Malaysian player Tu Zhenlong.

In addition, Zhang Anda lost 1-4 to top star O’Sullivan, and Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong retired for some reason. The first round of the game was all over. Of the 23-man Chinese army, a total of 14 came to the top 64, including Ding Junhui and defending champion Liang Wenbo.

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