British Championships Yan Bingtao loses and stops at the top 16

In the early morning of December 6, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker Championship ended the third round of confrontation. China’s post-00 teenager Yan Bingtao was behind 0-3 to stabilize his position, winning three consecutive games to draw 3-3 with No. 4 seed Higgins, but eventually lost 3-6 and missed the top 16. After the game, Higgins said that if he hadn’t changed his head, he might have lost again.

In the past month or so, Yan Bingtao, who has been in the profession for less than two years, has ushered in a big breakthrough. He has won a top 4 and a runner-up in the two major rankings of the Daqing National Championship and the Northern Ireland Open, ranking in the world. Soared to 27th place.

As the second largest ranking tournament, the British Championships are a must for all lords. Yan Bingtao, who competed for the second time, played outstandingly in the first two rounds, beating Zhang Yong and Wollaston with two 6-1s, breaking into the top 32 of the Barbican Center for two consecutive years.

The third opponent is not good. Higgins, the “Scottish Wizard”, is the No. 4 seed in the tournament. He has earned 4 World Championships in his career and 3 in the British Championships. Although he is over 40, he still maintains a strong fighting capacity. This season, he added another ranked champion at the Indian Open this season is a good proof.

Before the two sides had an impressive dialogue at the Daqing National Championships, Yan Bingtao won 6-2. A month later, we met again on a narrow road. Facing the Scottish wizard who wanted to revenge, Yan Bingtao put more pressure on him.

In this game, the two sides fought a defensive battle as soon as they came up. Yan Bingtao made beautiful snooker many times when he was behind in the game, but in the end he lost one city 46-75-46. After some testing, Higgins took the lead to let go of his hands and feet, single-shot 66 and 80 points to bring the score to 3-0.

In the fourth game, Yan Bingtao successfully completed the adjustment, with 79 points in a single stroke to avoid further expansion of the points difference. Next, he scored 81 points on a single stroke and won the sixth game 80-48. After winning three games in a row, he drew Higgins 3-3.

It is a pity that Yan Bingtao failed to take advantage of this momentum to continue to expand the results. The experienced Higgins regained control of the situation and shot two shots of 60+, winning three consecutive games again. Yan Bingtao suffered revenge 3-6 and missed the round of 16.

After the game, Higgins revealed that in order to better prepare for the game, after the second round, he made a special drive to Southport to let the former professional player Les Dodd change a new head. “If I use the old tip, I may have lost 0-6. After playing the new tip for an hour, I feel much better.” Commenting on the game, Higgins said that he and Yan Bingtao both performed well. “My safety ball is very good. I have to do it because he is a very good player.”

Speaking of the 3-0 lead being forced to 3-3, Higgins said that when he was 3-3, Yan Bingtao’s confidence was fully up again. Fortunately, he completely seized the opportunity. In the next 1/8 finals, Higgins’ opponent was Mark King.

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