Fuhua Group China Open held a press conference, millions of pounds to help upgrade the event

The classic event World Snooker China Open, which has been held in Beijing for 13 consecutive times, set sail again. On March 20, the press conference of Fuhua Group’s 2018 World Snooker China Open was held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Leaders of international and domestic billiard organizations, guests from all walks of life and more than 60 media witnessed the launch ceremony of the tournament.

This tournament is co-sponsored by the World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA), China Billiards Association, and Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau. It is named by Fuhua Group, undertaken by Beijing Fuhua Tourism and Culture Development Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Xingpai Sports Development Co., Ltd. Exclusive operation execution. Steve Dawson, CEO of World Snooker Co., Ltd., Wang Tao, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Billiards Association, Gan Lianfang, Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, Xu Zhiyong, President of Fuhua Wenshang Industry Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Star Gan Jialing, general manager of Brand Sports Development Co., Ltd., and other leaders and guests attended the press conference.


The World Snooker China Open is currently the only international snooker top professional ranking tournament named after “China”. As the last ranking tournament before the World Championships, determining the seed position of the World Championships has always been one of the highlights of the China Open. , The special status makes it highly valued by participating players. According to Secretary-General Wang Tao: The 2018 World Snooker China Open will be held at the Beijing National Olympic Center Gymnasium from April 2nd to 8th. A total of 72 players participated in the competition. The total prize money exceeded one million pounds for the first time. The prize money is second only to the World Championships snooker event; in terms of the competition system, this China Open final will be adjusted from 19 games of 10 wins to 21 games of 11 wins for the first time, which means that the competition will be unprecedentedly fierce. Secretary-General Wang Tao believes: From the perspective of historical development, the prosperous situation of Chinese billiards in recent years began when the World Snooker China Open settled in China. Since 2005, the China Open has been held in Beijing every year and has been successfully held for 13 sessions so far, which has played a positive role in leading and promoting the development of snooker in China. I believe that with the strong support of Fuhua Group and the professional operation of the star event team, the Snooker China Open will surely become the most dazzling pearl in the world professional snooker rankings.

The World Snooker China Open has been held in Beijing every year since 2005 and has become an important fulcrum of the world snooker sport. In the past 13 years, the snooker sport has developed rapidly in China, and its influence has increased. Steve Dawson, CEO of World Snooker Co., Ltd. said: “China plays an irreplaceable and important role in the globalization of snooker sports. First of all, World Snooker would like to thank the Chinese Billiards Association for this. Is one of our best and most important partners. At the same time, I would like to thank Xingpai Group and Xingwei Sports for their work in promoting competitions and billiards. Xingpai has always been the most important partner of snooker in the world. , Has done a lot of work for the development of snooker sports in China and around the world. We would also like to thank Fuhua Group. The 2018 China Open will be a very special competition. With the support of Fuhua Group, China The prize money of the Open exceeded 1 million pounds for the first time, making the event the highest level after the World Championships. We look forward to this cooperation with Fuhua.”

At the press conference, Steve Dawson, CEO of World Snooker Co., Ltd., Wang Tao, Vice Chairman of China Billiards Association, and Zhang Chengjun, representative of Fuhua Group and Vice President of Fuhua Wenshang Industry Group, signed the four-year The tripartite cooperation agreement states that in the next 4 years, the World Snooker China Open will be sponsored by Fuhua Group and hosted by Beijing Fuhua Tourism and Culture Development Co., Ltd.; President Xu Zhiyong said: “Snooker is an ancient and Smart sports bring people a civilized and elegant image. Fuhua Group has not only brought a series of changes to the China Open. In the future, it will actively help snooker become an Olympic sport, thereby further promoting Sri Lanka. The vigorous development of Knock Sports in the world, especially in China, has made due contributions to the Chinese people’s fitness for all and the development of sports civilization.” Vice President Zhang Chengjun also signed the agreement with Gan Jialing, General Manager of Jiangxi Xingpai Sports Development Co., Ltd. Tournament cooperation agreement.

Jiangxi Xingpai Sports Development Co., Ltd. is currently the most professional sports event operating company in China. Since its establishment, it has hosted and hosted thousands of top international and domestic professional events for many years with its careful event organization and first-class event services. And national fitness events. A series of work from event planning, organization, service, operation, etc. all reflect its internationalization and professionalism. The Chinese Billiards World Championship and the Snooker World Open that it hosted and operated have become classic events that have attracted much attention in the world. Therefore, the World Snooker China Open in the next four years will also be independently operated and executed. Chairman Gan Lianfang said: “Xingpai has always been adhering to the belief at the beginning of its establishment. No matter how the surrounding environment changes, we will definitely uphold our original intention and actively promote the popularization and sustainable development of billiards, and contribute our own strength to the billiards cause. In addition, Xingpai Brand Group and Fuhua Group, the title of this event, reviewed the situation and established a joint venture “Beijing Huayao Xingguang Tourism and Culture Development Co., Ltd.” to jointly build a nationally leading and globally influential “Beijing International Health Characteristic Town” in Daxing Panggezhuang, Beijing. “Project. The project will include three major industrial clusters: “Health Industry, Future World and Beautiful Country”.”


After 14 years of sharpening the sword, the World Snooker China Open has been baptized by 13 trials and has continued to grow. In 2018, it will bloom even more dazzlingly. New venues, new competition systems, new specifications, new partners, and new teams will definitely Bringing a wonderful visual feast to the world, the World Snooker China Open will enter a new era.

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