6 of our country broke into the top 32 in Welsh, broke the 100 and reached 42

On February 12, 2020, the second round of the Snooker Welsh Open ended. All players appeared collectively, and there were almost no upsets. Defending champion Robertson scored his 700th stroke and broke 100, and joined hands with O’Sullivan, Ding Junhui, Trump, Selby, Higgins and others to advance. Chinese players lost more than half of this round, with only 6 players reaching the top 32.

In order to take care of the Chinese fans watching the game, Ding Junhui’s game was scheduled to take place in the morning local time as usual. Facing the former Shanghai Masters champion Wharton, Ding Junhui opened the scoring with 74 points, while Wharton responded with a 127 points break. Subsequently, Ding Junhui won two defensive games, got the match point 3-1, and scored 88 points in the fourth game, defeating Walton 4-1, and advanced to the top 32.

The leader is in good condition, but the performance of other Chinese players is not good. Except for Ding Junhui, only 5 of the 12 players won. Xiao Guodong won 4-0 and won the only Chinese Derby in the second round; Tian Pengfei defeated Hawkins, who had performed poorly this season, 4-0, and advanced to the top 32 with Zhao Xintong, Li Junwei and Yan Bingtao. Of all the players who were out, Lv Haotian lost the most. He was turned 4-3 by Hamilton with a 3-0 lead.

Defending champion Robertson played 15 games in the previous 21 days, which left him exhausted after arriving in Cardiff. Although he won the first round, Robertson was very dissatisfied with his performance. However, after a night’s rest, Robertson’s fatigue level was relieved to a certain extent. He scored 135 points in the first game against Joyce, which brought Robertson’s personal career break to a total of 700. Become the fourth person in history after O’Sullivan, Higgins and Hendry. In the end, Robertson defeated Joyce 4-2 and continued to defend his title.

The local Welsh players have dedicated their performance to the satisfaction of their hometown elders. Stevens broke the 100th with his third stroke in this competition, becoming the player with the most 100s, and finally defeated Sargent 4-0. Williams defeated Brown 4-2 with two 50+. Dell, 48, and Wells, 31, advanced to the top 32 after victorious Hittenberg and Katy respectively.

There were almost no upsets on the third match day. Higgins and Dahdi reappeared in the 1998 World Championship finals. Higgins won the nostalgic battle 4-1, and played a rare performance in the last two games of breaking 100 consecutive games, contributing to China’s epidemic. 2,000 pounds. O’Sullivan won 3 games in a row after being 1-2 behind Carrington and advanced 4-2. Powerful players such as Trump, Selby, Murphy, Allen, Maguire, Karen Wilson have also won.

A total of 17 breaks were born on the 3rd match day, becoming the day with the most breaks since the start of the game. The total number of broken 100s in this competition has reached 42, which corresponds to the donation of the World Snooker Tour (WST) for the epidemic in China of 42,000 pounds.

12th (1/32 final) result

R. Wharton 1-4 Ding Junhui, M. Selby 4-1 Chen Zifan, Li Junwei 4-3 R. Williams, Scarlett 2-4 S. Wahdi, A. Hamilton 4-3 Lu Haotian, A. McGill

4-1 Mei Xiwen, S. Lichtenberg 2-4 D. Dell, E. Slyther 2-4 B. Wollaston, N. Sancam 4-1 A. Usenbach, A. Katy 2-4 D. Wells, M. Odner

4-0 T. Ford

Yuan Sijun 2-4 J. Robertson, M. Stevens 4-0 B. Sargent, Yan Bingtao 4-0 M. Man, Fan Zhengyi 0-4 Xiao Guodong, B. Castle 0-4

J. Trump, J. Astley 3-4 J. Lisowski, M. Williams 4-2 J. Brown, Tian Pengfei 4-0 Hawkins, S. Murphy 4-3 A. Boden, I. Burns 3-4

S. Maguire, M. Allen 4-0 J. Wattana

A. Carter 0-4 G. Green, L. Highfield 2-4 K. Wilson, Zhao Xintong 4-2 L. Hiscot, S. Carrington 2-4 R. O’Sullivan, L. Brecher 4-2

S. Donaldson, K. Dahdi 1-4 J. Higgins, R. Williams 4-1 G. Wilson, I. Figuegredo 4-3 M. Davis, N. Robertson 4-2 M. Joyce, S. Bingham

4-1 Chen Feilong

13th (1/16 finals+1/8 finals) schedule


G. Green VS D. Wells, J. Robertson VS Ding Junhui, M. Stevens VS Zhao Xintong, S. Wahdi VS J. Lisowski, L. Brecher VS Tian Pengfei, M. Allen

VS D. Dell, S. Murphy VS B. Wollaston, R. Milkins VS S. Maguire

21: 00

M. Aldner VS K. Wilson, M. Selby VS Li Junwei, A. Hamilton VS R. O’Sullivan, M. Williams VS A. Hamilton, Xiao Guodong VS

J. Higgins


N. Robertson VS N. Sancam, S. Bingham VS Yan Bingtao, I. Figueiredo VS J. Trump


1/8 final

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