The European Masters Selby closely followed Ding Junhui for a round trip but also missed the quarterfinals

The 2020 Snooker Masters will be held again at Alexandria Palace in London. In the first round, Selby, who won the three-time tournament champion, faced Carter, who replaced O’Sullivan. Although in the competition lasted three rounds to make 50+ and once caught up with 4-3, but Selby then lost 3 consecutive rounds, Carter came to the top and won 6-4 to reach the quarterfinals.

Selby is the best player in the championship after 80 players. He won three championships and two runner-ups in the past. In the first round of 2019, he drew “Captain” Carter. The 17th place in the world was able to register for the championship instead. Selby won 19 times against each other 32 times, but this is the first time they have faced each other in a championship.

Both sides had a chance in the first game. Carter successfully cleared Taiwan and won 64-62. Selby was out of luck. In the second game, Carter made a few more moves, leading by a 78-12 win and 2-0. Selby, who had a bad start, finally took the initiative in the defensive game in the third game, struggling to catch up with a 55-35 victory. However, in the fourth game, Carter controlled the situation again and got many opportunities to win 93-24. Selby fell behind with a total score of 1-3 in the first half.

Selby launched a counterattack in the second half. In the fifth game, Carter scored a single shot with 61 points and won with 74 points. In the sixth inning, Selby scored 56 points on a stroke and scored 73-5 to catch up to 3 tie. In the seventh game, Carter scored 7 points first and then gave the opportunity. Selby continued his hand, winning three consecutive games with 94 points in a single stroke, achieving a 4-3 lead.

Carter did not panic. In the eighth game, with Selby getting started first, he scored 82 points and won 95-34 to catch up to 3 draws. In the ninth game, the two sides saw a long tug of war. After Carter scored on the long stage, he scored 63 points on a single stroke to win 77-6 again, 5-4 overtook the match point, and Carter was fined 4 points in the tenth game. After 3 points, he missed the red ball and Carter scored 16 points for defense. Selby scored another 4 penalty points, but left a chance for a defensive stroke. Carter scored 68 points in one stroke and won three consecutive games with an 84-11 victory. Selby ended the first round with a total score of 4-6.

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