Ding Junhui becomes China’s first man in the Hall of Fame, promising to win the World Championships next season

Xinhua News Agency News Star signed player Ding Junhui was selected into the Snooker World Hall of Fame on the 10th, becoming the first Chinese player to win this honor.


That evening, at the annual snooker awards ceremony held at the Dorchester Hotel in central London, Ding Junhui took the stage from Jenson Ferguson, chairman of the World Taiwan Federation, and took over the trophy symbolizing this honor.

It is worth mentioning that, behind Ding Junhui, the other person inducted into the Hall of Fame turned out to be Barry Hearn, Chairman of the World Snooker and a well-known British sports promoter. Of course Hearn was elected not because of his skills, but In the past few years, he has contributed to the promotion of snooker sports.

Faced with hundreds of guests attending the ceremony, Ding Junhui said in English: “This is a wonderful and unforgettable moment. Since I entered the professional circle in 2003, snooker sports have undergone major changes. I am very happy to see a lot of The young Chinese players have grown up, thank everyone, and also myself.”

When the host of the awards ceremony asked him when he would win the World Championship under pressure from all Chinese fans, Ding Junhui said: “I promise everyone that I will win next season.”

The host also said: “You are an amazing ambassador for the snooker movement and China, and you deserve to be elected to the Hall of Fame.”

Ferguson said next: “It is difficult for you to summarize Ding Junhui’s contribution to the snooker sport. He is a precious figure in our sport, and he naturally won this honor.”

Ding Junhui later told Xinhua News Agency reporters: “It is not easy for me to walk all the way. I am very happy to see that many young players in China are now joining the professional circle. This is an affirmation and inspiration for me.”

He also said: “In fact, I feel that I have won this award on behalf of the whole of China. It belongs to everyone. Since I was little, many people have helped me, especially the Chinese fans and friends around me. They have been helping me and encouraging me. I, every score I get is inseparable from them, and I hope to share this honor with everyone.”

Looking forward to the new season, he said: “I believe I will play better this season in the future. I will be prepared technically and psychologically and hope to have a better performance.”

The Snooker World Hall of Fame was founded in 2011. Before that, 28 people were selected, most of whom were players who won the World Championships. Ding Junhui is also the second Asian to enter the Hall of Fame after Thailand’s Xindu was selected in 2016.

At the awards ceremony that day, 7 awards were awarded. Among them, 19-year-old Chinese teenager Xu Si was named the best rookie of the year; “Rocket” O’Sullivan was named the best player of the year, and he also won the fan favorite player award. ; Mark Williams, who has just won the World Championships, won two awards, the player of the year and the best performance selected by the snooker reporter.

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