Hong Kong’s Fu Jiajun wins 4 games in a row, reverses Hawkins, breaks 100 in the final game

Xingpai China Billiards Association Official Website News July 20, Beijing time, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Hong Kong Snooker Masters was held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. The invitational tournament lasts for 4 days, and the total prize money is set at 315,000 pounds (3.14 million Hong Kong dollars). Among them, at 2 o’clock this afternoon, the competition between local combat and the world’s fifth-ranked Hong Kong player Fu Jiajun and Barry Hawkins kicked off the tournament.


In the first game, Fu Jiajun made several bold attempts and showed a more relaxed attitude, but he failed to break through with a poor hand feeling. Not long ago, Hawkins, who had just won the snooker World Cup runner-up in Wuxi, Jiangsu, was in good condition. He won the first game with 55 points in a single stroke, giving Fu Jiajun a win over the home court. In the second game, Fu Jiajun found a meeting on the phone and scored a wide-angle green ball. His slowly regained feel and confidence allowed him to tie the score 1-1 with 68 points in a single shot.

In the third game, Hawkins made an offensive and defensive error and left the red ball at the top left. Fu Jiajun took the opportunity to score 35 points, but after a wonderful blow, he made a mistake in the bottom of the table. In the face of a good ball, Hawkins calmly scored 36 points and made a red ball on the back frame as well. Fu Jiajun continued to get 65 points to give up the ball, Hawkins staged a magical performance, 67-65 to achieve a single game reversal, in which the wonderful turnover of the pink ball won the admiration of the opponent and applause from the audience.

Hawkins still played first in the fourth game, and the score between the two sides was stuck for a long time at 23-13. After doing snooker with each other, Hawkins relied on a beautiful and accurate far stage, and stopped after scoring 5 points, but Fu Jiajun still did not seize the opportunity. In this way, Hawkins cleared the red ball and successfully achieved a 3-1 over score to enter the break.

When he came back from a break, Hawkins used his mobile phone to take pictures of the scene. His mentality was unusually relaxed, but he left a chance at the kick-off in the fifth game. Fu Jiajun was obviously more open after the inter-game adjustment. After 53 points, the white ball made a mistake, but continued to score with the wonderful connection. After 75 points, a big-angle red ball made a mistake, Hawkins gave up after a little insistence, and Fu Jiajun recovered the game.

In the sixth inning, the white ball entered the red ball pile, and it was deadlocked. After the players of both sides agreed, they chose to start the ball again. After re-yarding the ball, Hawkins got the opportunity to attack from a distance. After decisively getting started, he scored 57 points intermittently but made a mistake in the attack and left the red ball in the bottom pocket. After getting started, Fu Jiajun made a mistake with the coffee ball, but there was no chance left. Hawkins tried to no avail in the middle of the station. Fu Jiajun took advantage of the situation to clear the station and sent Hawkins a single game reversal. The two sides tied 3-3 and returned to the same starting line.

In the seventh inning, Fu Jiajun made a mistake in the cue ball after 62 points on a single stroke. He chose a colored ball for snooker. Although Hawkins resolved smoothly but left the opportunity. Fu Jiajun started again and achieved an overscore in one fell swoop, winning the match point 4-3 first. In the eighth game, Fu Jiajun, who returned to his courage, did not give Hawkins a chance to come back on stage. A single shot of 132 was divided into the home audience and dedicated a wonderful single game performance. In this way, Fu Jiajun pulled four rounds in a row with 1-3 behind, eliminated Barry Hawkins and advanced to the semi-finals. The next opponent will be the world number one Mark Selby and “Melbourne Machine” Neil Robertson. Produced between.

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