Masters Higgins single shot 140 points 3-6 Carter out, Murphy enters the semifinals

The 2020 Snooker Masters ended two quarter-final competitions, and Higgins scored 140 points in spite of a shot. But still lost to Carter 3-6, the latter will face Murphy in the semifinals, Murphy defeated Perry 6-3 to enter the semifinals.

As the highest-ranked player in the quarterfinals, Higgins faced Carter, who was absent from O’Sullivan in the quarter-finals, who defeated Selby 6-4 in the first round. In the first game, Carter played several times, winning the first round 74-38. In the second game, the two sides continued to fight defensively. Carter seized the opportunity to lead the next 2-0 59-38. In the third game, Higgins scored 54 points in a single stroke and caught up with an 83-37 victory. In the fourth game, Carter won 72-46 again, lagging behind 1-3 in the first half.

In the fifth game of the second half, Carter seized the opportunity to color the ball and took 62-37 to continue to expand his advantage. Higgins found the touch in the sixth game and scored 140 points in one stroke. In the seventh game, Higgins made persistent efforts and scored 73 points in a single stroke to catch up to 3-4. In the eighth game, the two fought fiercely, and Carter won 63-40 to get the match point. In the ninth game, Higgins only scored a red goal. Carter ended the fight with 72 points. Higgins scored 3-6 out of the game.

Murphy faced Joe Perry. In the first half, Murphy had full firepower, scoring 51, 60, and 66 points in a row to get a 4-0 lead. After Perry’s victory in the fifth game, Murphy scored another 120 points in the sixth game to get the match point 5-1. Although Perry chased 2 games in a row and scored 50 points in the seventh game, Murphy seized the opportunity to win the ninth game, winning 6-3 and reaching the semifinals against Carter in the semifinals.

The 2020 Snooker Masters will have two other quarter-finals tonight and tomorrow morning. Karen Wilson will face Bingham and Maguire will face Gilbert.

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