The German Masters wins a 9-6 victory by Robertson

This morning, the 2020 French Snooker Championship ended perfectly. The world’s number one Trump rolled Robertson in the second stage and won his fourth single-season championship in Berlin. In addition, the additional bonus of 150,000 European Championships was reserved until the single-limit game.

Competition introduction

The predecessor of the German Masters was the German Open. It was founded in 1995 and renamed the German Masters three years later. In 2011, it became a heavyweight professional ranking tournament again. This year, the German Masters became a beneficiary after a series of reforms. It, together with the European Masters at the same level, as well as the lower-level single-time limited time tournament, and the Gibraltar Open, form the “European Series”, ranking No. One player will receive an additional £150,000 as a reward. Compared with the British four-season full championship and the 20-shot prize pool of 147, the £150,000 in the European series is undoubtedly more sincere and will surely be delivered to the players’ pockets.

Previous champions

2011 Mark Williams 9-7 Selby

2012 O’Sullivan 9-7 Maguire

2013 Caterpillar 9-6 Fu Jiajun

2014 Ding Junhui 9-5 Trump

2015 Selby 9-7 Murphy

2016 Gould 9-5 Brecher

2017 Hamilton 9-6 Carter

2018 Mark Williams 9-1 Dott

2019 Karen Wilson 9-7 Gilbert

Prior to this, the German Masters had become a hotbed of upset and high scores due to short games. There was a single game before and after finishing 147 with feet. Last season there were inspirational stories about low-ranking players such as Duane Jones reaching the semifinals. However, this season’s semi-final heavyweight is comparable to the World Championships, composed of four world champion players Dort, Robertson, Trump and Murphy.

Promotion process

R1 Trump 5-1 Sancam Robertson 5-1 Burns

R2 Trump 5-3 Brechel Robertson 5-0 Mitchell Mann

R3 Trump 5-1 George U. Robertson 5-0 Elliott Slasher

Semifinals Trump 6-4 Dot Robertson 6-1 Murphy

Robertson is basically a rolling promotion model in his own half. In addition to the previous European Masters, Robertson has won 35 games in 37 consecutive games and only lost 2 games, which is terrifying. The small special was blocked in the game against Brechel and Dortmund, but the outcome was still optimistic.

Final meaning

The final of the German Masters is of great significance.

1. This is the first final in the history of world snooker between the crown players (three major championships and grand slams);

2. Both sides in the finals are left-handed players, ranking the top two in the world rankings;

3. Since there are 80,000 European Masters champions and at least 35,000 guarantees in Germany, the rest of the players want to kill Robertson through the two champions of Gibraltar and the single limited time match, so as to get the “non-mainstream” idea of ​​150,000 rewards. It also fell completely. In theory, only Trump has the hope of surpassing Robertson in the ranking of the European Series to get the reward, but the prerequisite is that he must beat Robertson in the final, and at the same time, the other two events need to do their best. , And if Robertson wins the final, 230,000 pounds (the champion 80,000 plus the European Series 150,000) will be issued in advance.

The final process Robertson VS Trump

There is no shortage of classic moments in the confrontation between the two. Since the first meeting in 2011, excluding the Champions League and the Super League, the two have met 19 times in major tournaments, and Trump has a slight advantage with 10 wins and 9 losses. The most recent match was in the Champions League final a few months ago. The two teamed up to complete the crown and one of the most exciting finals in snooker history. Xiaote broke the 100 in three consecutive games, and finally lost to Robertson, who broke the 100 with five shots in the final game. The final took 17 games and 9 wins in two periods.

In the first half of the first half, Trump led by two shots with 60+ twice. Robertson tied with an amazing long thin ball in the second inning and 120 points in a single shot in the fourth inning. In the first game of the second half, Robertson continued to score wonderful goals throughout the game, but after losing the super-point yellow ball, he decisively completed the 1-point lore, and then a single shot of 77 points made the difference between the two sides for the first time in two games. Before the end of the first stage, Xiaote completed two consecutive rounds of a zero seal against Robertson, and the two sides temporarily evenly divided the game 4-4.

At the beginning of the second stage, Xiaote passed 50+ two strokes to win his fourth consecutive game and overtook two games. Robertson pulled back a game with 66 points on a single stroke, but in fact the state of the second stage was out of control, with frequent mistakes on both offensive and defensive ends. Although Xiaote didn’t have much outstanding performance, he still beat his opponent 6-1 and came to the match point first. Robertson only caught the low-level error of Xiaote’s offensive red ball when he was behind by a big score. He was lucky to get back a city, but the simple error of the yellow ball in the next game also declared that the general situation was gone. Xiaote finished with a perfect break, 9-6 Vengeance on Robertson, won the 15th in the individual competition and the fourth in a single season. As there were no high scores in this tournament, Higgins, who was out early, won a single-stroke bonus of £5,000 with 138 points. At the same time, the past tasteless event, a single limited-time event, will become a gold-rich event for the two.

With the release of the championship, tonight, one of the “Red Envelopes” World Grand Prix will be seamlessly connected in Cheltenham, England. “Rocket” O’Sullivan led the opener against “Potato” Gilbert. A total of four games were played on the first day. And Ding Junhui played against Scottish player Donaldson for the third consecutive time in about ten days. The latter had previously completed a “double kill” against Ding Junhui in the European Masters and the German Masters. What are the plans for the new hatred and the old hatred? The game will be played at 20 o’clock in the evening on the 4th Beijing time. The four matches on the first day are as follows:

4th at 02:00 O’Sullivan VS Gilbert Maguire VS Tom Ford

4th (not earlier than) 03:00 Selby VS Xiao Guodong Zhou Yuelong VS Gary Wilson

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