Masters O’Sullivan 3 breaks 100% and 6-0 sweeps Fu Jiajun, data makes opponents desperate v

China Billiards Association Official Website News On the evening of January 16, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Masters continued the first round of competition at Alexandra Palace in London, England. O’Sullivan, the number one star, started the journey of defending the title. The first four consecutive games took the initiative to score and almost broke his own record four years ago. In the end, he blasted three shots and broke 100. It took less than an hour and a half to swept Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun 6-0 and advanced to the top 8 against Mark Allen.


Last year, O’Sullivan successfully defended his title by breaking into the finals, thus making his 7th crown in the most prestigious invitational tournament, surpassing the billiard emperor Hendry in one fell swoop and writing a new record of his own. Whether he can complete three consecutive championships this year, no doubt the fans who support him are very much looking forward to it.

In the first round, O’Sullivan’s opponent was Fu Jiajun. Before the two sides played 28 times, Fu Jiajun had 8 wins, 3 draws and 17 losses. Since 2009, except for one Champions League tie with O’Sullivan, Fu Jiajun has lost all the other 10 games. The gap is very obvious. To make matters worse, the performance of the two men this season is also in sharp contrast. O’Sullivan only selectively participated in the six ranking competitions and won three trophies efficiently, while Fu Jiajun never made it to the top 8. This time it was really difficult for Fu Jiajun to end the losing streak.

Although O’Sullivan’s prospects before the game were unanimously optimistic, the one-sided situation is still surprising. O’Sullivan opened with a strong 120-point single shot. O’Sullivan was fined 5 points for an accidental error in the second game and took the initiative to help Fu Jiajun eliminate a duck egg. O’Sullivan scored 121 points on a single stroke in this game and scored 2-0.

Fu Jiajun still couldn’t find a breakthrough in the third game. O’Sullivan scored 74 points and then added 50 points to the score to 3-0. In the fourth game, the red balls were scattered all over the table in the defensive battle. Fu Jiajun, who was cold in his hand, relieved the ball and leaked the ball. After a little adjustment by the hot O’Sullivan, he scored 112 points in a single shot and completed his third break in the game. Hundred, with a huge 4-0 advantage to enter the break. O’Sullivan’s success rate was as high as 99% before losing the innocuous powder ball. I believe this data suffocates all opponents.

In the first four games, O’Sullivan has actively scored 477 points in a row, which is very close to breaking the record of 556 points set by him in the 2014 Masters.

Returning from a break, although Fu Jiajun could not reverse the decline, the 9 points for Xiaoxiao was enough to frustrate O’Sullivan’s dream. O’Sullivan scored 75 points in a single shot in this game, 5-0 holding a lot of match points.

By the sixth inning, O’Sullivan’s momentum finally slowed down. He first got 44 points and went wrong. When he chose to defend, the hand frame accidentally touched the red ball and actively signaled the referee for a foul. However, in the face of O’Sullivan’s chance to come to the door, Fu Jiajun, who felt cold in his hand, only scored 8 points and returned the chance. O’Sullivan single-stroke 53 points to seal the victory, the total score 6-0 swept Fu Jiajun, a strong advance to the top 8. In the quarter-finals, O’Sullivan will face Mark Allen.

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