American billiards news: Chen Jiahua reversal in Japan to win

On the evening of July 15th, Beijing time, the 32nd Japan Tokyo Open came to an end. In the men’s No. 10 ball event, Japan’s number one “comer” Naoyuki Oi defeated compatriot Tokuro Ogawa 8-2 in the final to win the championship. He finally achieved the title after finishing second place many times. Philippine star Antonio Linning and Polish meat Zilinski tied for third place. In this Japan competition, local players performed well, with the top 8 occupies 5 seats, and as many as 10 reached the top 16. The Chinese Taipei Corps that did not send the strongest lineup to play, only Linda Li made the top 16. The men’s championship prize is approximately RMB 75,000.

Women played the No. 9 ball event. The little girl from Chinese Taipei, Chen Jiahua, achieved a big turnaround when she fell behind 0-4 in the final. In the meantime, Chen Jiahua first got his first game by dribbling the No. 9 balloon, and then used the Philippine star Lu Bilin Emmett to play the simple No. 9 ball without blowing the counterattack horn to complete the feat. In addition, Chinese Taipei players Zhou Jieyu, Su Yiyun, and defending champion Guo Siting also made the top 8 at the same time.

Across the Ocean, Iowa, USA, the 2019 Big Dog No. 10 Ball Championship also gave birth to a champion, and “Fire Cloud Cthulhu” Zhang Ronglin won the championship again without accident. This is one of a number of small open tournaments before the No. 10 World Championships, including Filipino stars Bastamanti, Pagurah Young, the real American “God of War” Van Bonin, Albanian genius Catch, and the new U.S. Open. The old champions Zheng Yuxuan, Zhang Ronglin and many other masters signed up for the competition. Zhang Ronglin started with a 11-3 sweep of Fan Boning in a tough half area, then defeated favorite Kutch 11-9, then defeated Liu Zhengjie in the derby, and joined the winning final with “Tie Prince” Corey Toure. In the end, Cthulhu “double-played” Durr in the winning finals and the finals of the championship and runners-up, aspiring to the championship, and the title of “American King” continued to be confirmed.

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