National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Inner Mongolia Qualifying Tournament

The second stop of the 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Shenyang Station, Hohhot Qualifying Tournament, is going on fiercely at the Black 8 Billiard Club on the 5th Floor, Workers’ Cultural Palace, Zhongshan West Road, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In this event, all players are in a closed space The inside game is completely free from outside interference. Although the outside audience is separated from the players and the glass, they can still enjoy the comfort and environment of watching the ball outside.

According to the introduction of the Black 8 Snooker Club, the main reason for arranging the game in such a venue is to consider the players. In order to make all the participants concentrate on the game and not be interfered by the outside world, they are specially arranged in a glass-separated venue. The most superior game environment.

What’s interesting is that although there are glass partitions, this does not stop the audience from watching the game, because outside the glass window is a tea art rest area suitable for fans to watch the ball. Here, you can not only rest, but also enjoy tea and ball. Such an environment is the most appropriate arrangement for both dedicated players on the field and enthusiastic fans on the field. Both on and off the court, each has its advantages and comfort.

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