Ding Junhui’s promotion to become a father and 14 world ranking champions are not as happy as this moment

Xingpai pool table. Although Milkins was defeated in the second round of the 2018 Snooker Global League held in Yushan, Jiangxi Province, the 8th was undoubtedly a happy day for Chinese table tennis general Ding Junhui. He announced himself that night. Greet the beloved daughter and announce a new character updated to the father’s life path.

Ding Junhui scored the decisive game with Milkins in the night match on the 8th, but eventually defeated the enemy 4:5 and missed the round of 16. At 23:59 on the same day, he announced a happy report on the social platform that “On August 8, 18, it is safe to choose the mother and daughter to have a childbirth.” He also added photos of the newborn’s feet. It was the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Beijing Olympics and the 10th National Fitness Day. For Ding Junhui’s symbolic role as a Chinese sports star in my country, from then on, this day will have

has a more distinctive and unforgettable practical meaning.

For a long time, Ding Junhui has maintained a considerable degree of unassuming about his outfield clothing, food, housing and transportation. However, during the registration for the Boao Forum in April 2018, the host of the show first revealed to the outside that Ding Junhui was going to be the father of the world. Atmospheric recognition on social platforms. In July, he also posted photos of himself and his lover. Since narcissism, he has always called her “APPLE”.

Ding Junhui, born in 1987, is the most successful professional snooker player in my country so far. In the previous year’s Yushan Global League, his latest news was his 13th ranked championship. He is the first Asian football player to be ranked number one in the world and the first Asian player to enter the World Championship finals. In May 2018, Ding Junhui was elected as a member of the Global Snooker Hall of Fame.

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