The European Masters Qualification is over, Ding Junhui plays stable

Xingpai Billiards News. The German Masters Tournament finished the second round of the qualification round. Ding Junhui continued to play steadily and eliminated Stevens 5-2. Zhao Xintong and Tian Pengfei defeated Karen Wilson and Maguire respectively, and also played a wonderful 2019 buzzer. ; Trump, Robertson, Higgins, Williams promoted the race, while Selby and Allen failed to bring the year to a successful conclusion and were out of the game.

The European Masters Qualification is over, Ding Junhui plays stable

In the match between Ding Junhui and Stevens, the first four rounds continued to control the initiative. Even if the situation is behind, they can play steadily and complete the reversal in the round. Before the break, they laid an absolute advantage of 4-0. After returning, Stevens had two consecutive games. Ding Junhui was closed in the round and scored a hundred strokes, but Ding Junhui was not affected, and soon won the 7th round, which eliminated his opponent 5-2 and was able to enter the main race, plus the previous qualifying round, this is Ding Junhui The fourth game won in five days.

Trump faced Carrington, and started to burst after being beaten 0-2 at the end. He scored two and broke 100, winning five games in a row and succeeding; Coincidentally, Neil Robertson was also in the competition stage, watching the Brazilian Filipino Gredo broke a hundred firsts with two strokes, but then followed the same unrelentingly as Xiaote, and finished with 100 points with two strokes, winning 5-2; Dominic Dell gave all of his dedication in the game against Murphy. He broke 100 by one shot, but only won this round. Mr. Stable, who is not stable recently, won the game 5-1. In addition, Mark Williams defeated Mark King 5-2 and Higgin. Sri Lanka defeated Li Xing, who had a good performance with 5-4 difficulties, and the two elders will join hands to present themselves in the race next year.

The European Masters Qualification is over, Ding Junhui plays stable

However, there are not a few unpopular competitions on this competition day. Before the German Masters qualification match, Jamie Clark, who had yet to win this season, defeated Mark Selby 5-4. The latter certainly made a successful start. Repeatedly lead, but in the end could not escape the fate of being upset; Mark Allen was also 4-5, defeated by veteran Gerald Green, and returned two consecutive qualifying races; Bingham lost to 3-5 Milkins was also a slightly unexpected result. In the whole game, Milkins broke 100 plus four strokes 50+ and completely suppressed Bingham.

In addition, there are also two exciting games. Zhao Xintong faced the defending champion Karen Wilson. After five innings, he fell behind 2-3. The two sides fought with bayonets and became popular, from 60-67, 59-51, 70- The score of 72 innings can be seen, but Zhao Xintong broke through the hundred in the next two, replied a wave of 3-1, and finally laughed at the end 5-4; in an earlier game, Tian Pengfei defeated Maguire 5-3 , He, Zhao Xintong and Ding Junhui became the Chinese players who broke through the qualification game in two consecutive competitions. Yuan Sijun defeated Zhou Yuelong 5-3 and will be the fourth Chinese player in the main stage of the German Masters Championship.

The European Masters Qualification is over, Ding Junhui plays stable

The winning rate of the Chinese Army in this round is not high, especially the poor performance of the two ranked champions. Yan Bingtao was defeated by Brecher 1-5, and Liang Wenbo also lost to McGill in the same score. In addition, Zhang Anda, Xu Si, and Bai Lang Ning all lost successively, together with the aforementioned Li Xing and Zhou Yuelong, none of the above-mentioned seven players made the match.

The completion of the three-day qualification game means that all competitions in 2019 are over, and the players will usher in the Christmas and New Year holidays. On January 6th and 7th, the fifth group of the Champions League will stop for two days. Yan Bingtao is among them. On January 12th, this season’s Masters Tournament will arrive as scheduled. Ding Junhui’s opponent in the first round is Qiao. · Perry.

The complete results of the second round of the German Masters Qualifying Tournament:

Usenbach 5-2 Tachaia, Gary Wilson 5-1 Xu Si

Neil Robertson 5-1 Figueretto, Mann 5-1 Michael White

Mark Williams 5-2 Mark King, Slyther 5-2 Jimmy Robertson

Tian Pengfei 5-3 Maguire, Clark 5-4 Selby

Burns 5-3 Zhang Anda, Donaldson 5-4 Chandler

Bond 5-3 Jordan Brown, Ding Junhui 5-2 Stevens

Tom Ford 5-3 Oliver Lanes, Murphy 5-1 Dale

Dot 5-0 Katy, McGill 5-1 Liang Wenbo

Green 5-4 Allen, Milkins 5-3 Bingham

Robbie Williams 5-4 Mark Davis, Higgins 5-4 Lee Xing

Yuan Sijun 5-3 Zhou Yuelong, Zhao Xintong 5-4 Karen Wilson

Brecher 5-1 Yan Bingtao, Trump 5-2 Carrington

George U 5-2 Gould, Perry 5-2 Pinches

Sancam 5-2 Philippiac, Hillani 5-3 Higginson

Celtic 5-3 Browning, Song Shava 5-1 Hamilton

Grace 5-3 Bullman, Jack Jones 5-4 Carter

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