Xingpai New Year’s Day Team Tournament, the most exciting penalty shootout in the professional tournament in the amateur tournament

On January 18th, the “Xingpai New Year Festival Team Competition” was held in the Xingpai Billiards Experience Store on the fourth floor of the Ali Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. After two days full of joyous competitions, 19 sunset came to an end. The Hangzhou Supreme team is not only domineering in team name, but also quite amazing in strength. Under the leadership of the beautiful captain, they staged a penalty kick to win the championship.

The Xingpai New Year’s Festival Team Tournament is the first event of the Xingpai Billiards Experience Store in Ali Sports Center. The first day of the event is also scheduled to be held on the opening day of the experience store. There are more than 30 groups of billiards enthusiasts participating in the team. Some women participated, and some fans regret that they could not find female players to form a team.

This competition is aimed at amateurs. It inherits the competition system and organization of the star league team competition. The whole game is different from professional competitions. The experience store is full of joy and laughter, and it is full of the atmosphere of the New Year. Many participants participated in the competition. Fans said that this is really a different game, so happy.

The finals started at 4 pm on the 19th. The game was arranged in the competition area of ​​the experience store. The Chinese World Championships table was used. The two teams were the “Changlong Team”.

With the “Supreme Team”, these two groups of players are equal in strength. The Supreme Team won the Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles, the Long Dragon Team won the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles, and the two teams entered the penalty shoot-out according to the rules of the game. Entering a penalty kick in the final made the atmosphere of the scene completely different from before. The scene was quiet, and the players of the two teams looked serious, and the huge pressure of entering the penalty kick made the audience nervous.

The penalty kick rule is that the three players from both sides hit the No. 8 ball in order, and the winner will be decided after two rounds. If the number of penalty kicks is the same after the two rounds, the “sudden death method” will be adopted. The whole game is over if the No. 8 ball is not pocketed.

In the final penalty shootout, the two teams tied at 4:4 and entered the horrible moment of “sudden death”. The Long Dragon team A player took the lead. The male players of the two teams resisted the pressure and shot the No. 8 ball accurately. The long dragon team female players praised it. Penalties are fun. As a result, the key ball failed to score the No. 8 ball, which gave the Supreme Team a chance to win. As long as the Supreme Team’s female player scores the No. 8 ball, the whole game is over. Faced with huge pressure, the Supreme Team’s captain accurately scores the final victory. The ball and get the championship of the game.

After the game, the players of both teams said that there are very few such games in Hangzhou, and they have never played before, which is so interesting. An amateur game played the feeling of a professional game, the tension is much higher than that of an individual game, and each stroke represents the honor of the team. The Supreme Team also won three 65-inch 4K Xiaomi TVs, and the Long Dragon Team unfortunately won the runner-up and won three Xiaomi floor sweeping robots. The contestants who carried the prizes home for the New Year won honors and also received generous prizes for the new year.

In addition to the competition, we also held a special lucky draw on the spot. Our beauty store manager distributed red envelopes in the face-to-face group. There were a total of three rounds distributed, and the winner of each game was the best. In the end, a handsome guy in Hangzhou got our lucky gift-Xiaomi 58-inch TV. The handsome guy said with a smile when he touched the gift: I have never been so lucky in my life, thank you Xingpai Billiards Experience Store, thank Xingpai. The players on the scene laughed.

Alibaba Sports Center’s Star Experience Store also ended its first game with laughter, sending 48 players new year goods of different values, bringing happiness to every contestant and leaving the most joyful game. memory.

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