Tachaia won the championship with 139 points per stroke in a single limited time match

In the morning hours of February 25, 2019, Beijing time, the annual exciting single limited time match of World Snooker came to an end. Among all the current snooker pros from Thailand, Tachaia, who has the fastest shot, went through 7 rounds, and finally defeated Michael Holt in the final to win the championship, won the first ranking championship of his career and won 32,000. Pound bonus. It is worth mentioning that in the semifinals against J Clarke, Tacaya scored 139 points in a single stroke, breaking the highest scoring record in this series in one fell swoop.

As the name suggests, a single limited time match has only one round and time limit. The specific rule is that the game time is only 10 minutes, the first 5 minutes must be shot within 15 seconds, and the last 5 minutes is not shot within 10 seconds, and there is no time-out. Every shot is played. They must play at least one library or be scored, and all fouls including overtime will be sentenced to the ball in hand. At the end of 10 minutes, if the two sides compete for the blue ball in a draw, they will win or lose. Different from the one draw in the regular ranking tournament, each round of the single limited time match must be drawn again to determine the opponent.

In this series, Tachaia defeated Robert Milkins 85-6 in the first round, defeated Chinese player Mei Xiwen 39-28 in the second round, eliminated Mike Dunn 74-33 in the third round, and eliminated Mike Dunn in the fourth round. 58-15 black player Rory McLeide, the fifth round 97-3 victory over “Second Brother” Stuart Bingham, the semi-final unstoppable 139-0 zero seal J Clark, the final 74-0 again He won the championship by eliminating his opponent Michael Holt. Prior to this, Tachaia was only the champion of the 6 Red Ball Invitational held in Thailand in 2015, and he has never reached the final in the professional rankings. This time to win the championship is of great significance to Tachaia, not only a personal one. A new breakthrough, he is also another Thai champion among Thai players for a long time after James Wattana won the ranking championship. This is very important for the promotion of snooker in Thailand and the inspiration for young Thai players. Great effect.

After Tachaiya wins the championship, the world temporary ranking will rise 12 places to 41 places.

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