CBSA Star Cup Chinese Billiards Tianjin Qualification Tournament High standards escort the game

The 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hangzhou Branch Tianjin Station Qualifying Tournament will be held tomorrow at the Tianjin Swark Santa Rosa Star Billiards Club. This afternoon, the reporter came to the arena ahead of schedule. The Star and the club staff are now Nervously carry out the final arrangement before the game.

As the only official qualifying competition in the country, in order to provide the contestants with a professional and comfortable environment, the staff of Xingpai came to the arena very early to communicate with the club and arrange the scene. According to the Xingpai staff, they came to the arena several days ago to level and conduct rigorous tests on each competition table. In order not to affect the players’ competition, they also set up a cordon in the competition area. Chinese billiards dragon shaped The LOGO banner is also hung above the main stage.

As the co-organizer of the qualifying match of this station, Tianjin Swok Santa Rosa Star Billiards Club also made sufficient preparations before the match. In order to give the players an independent and undisturbed competition environment, they deliberately closed the entire second basement floor for business. In addition, they also posted no smoking signs in obvious places. “In addition, we also replaced All Taiwanese players on the competition stage must co-organize the qualifying rounds of the National Ranking Tournament to have high standards and strict requirements to reflect the professionalism of this event.” Club manager Zheng Peng told reporters.

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