Zhang Xiaotong lost in Chinese billiards ranking match

Beijing time on August 24, 2012 CBSA star Cup National billiards ranking competition in Shenyang jiulou billiards club ended the third competition day. In the women’s semi-final, defending champion Zhang Xiaotong lost to red in the final 5-9. After the game, Zhang Xiaotong also said that on the one hand, his recent state of mind is not very good, at the same time, his attitude is a little urgent, which is the main reason for the failure.

At the beginning of today’s competition, Zhang Xiaotong fell into the rhythm of the opponent and soon fell behind 0-2. Although Zhang Xiaotong then changed the score to 2-2, she was unable to find her own beat. In the game, Zhang Xiaotong repeatedly made mistakes at the offensive end, and did not take the lead in the whole game. After falling behind 5-6, in fact, Zhang Xiaotong could get some chances, but he could not turn it into a score, and finally Yu Hong Won 9-5.

After the game, Zhang Xiaotong said that his performance in the game today was not very stable, and the game was not as good as last time. But she didn’t feel the pressure as a defending champion. She just didn’t adjust her time well, which led to her bad state. In fact, Zhang Xiaotong has not been in a good condition in her previous practice. Now she has some small problems in the process of playing, and she is trying to improve them. Summing up the main reason why he lost today, Zhang Xiaotong said: “the main reason is that he lost in a hurry to attack. The rhythm of today’s game is not very good, a bit messy Zhang Xiaotong also commented on the opponent’s performance today: “however, the opponent’s performance today is really good, and the performance is particularly stable.”

In this way, Zhang Xiaotong, the champion of the last race, ended her trip to the national Chinese billiards ranking competition at her home. I hope she can get back to her state as soon as possible, improve the problems in her competition, and launch a more powerful challenge to the next champion.

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