Recording the growth of Ding Junhui and tearing down the Wembley Masters

Nine-ball champion vs. Chinese billiards Chen Siming explains the mystery

In yesterday’s live commentary, Chen Siming explained the game between himself and Fu Xiaofang in the 2015 Chinese Pool World Championships. This game was also just ended in January this year. When talking about nine-ball players playing Chinese style, Chen Siming said that he is still a little uncomfortable and his ideas are different. There are many things to learn, but he will try to play Chinese style better. I hope I can get a good one next time. Achievement. Chen Siming’s humility and affinity left a deep impression on netizens.

In the 2015 Chinese Billiards World Championships, the sisters Chen Siming and Fu Xiaofang met unexpectedly. After Chen Siming won the first prize 1-0, his performance afterwards seemed to be somewhat unsatisfactory until the half-time break. The score was 1:5. The score is behind. In the case of poor state, Chen Siming still had no distractions, focusing on the game and not thinking about other things, and pulled back two games. However, successive mistakes and inaccurate positions caused the score to be enlarged again, and Chen Siming eventually lost the game.

During the live broadcast, when a netizen asked about his mood during the game, Chen Siming smiled and said that he still felt very strange, and that he hated himself even more when he lost the game. Chen Siming said that it now appears that his thinking and performance at the time were not very stable, and watching the video of his game is what every professional athlete or player who wants to improve his skills must do, and analyze his own deficiencies in playing. With shortcomings, focusing on strengthening exercises can make yourself stronger!

Wonderful Preview: Recording Ding Junhui’s Growth Imprint, Wembley Masters Tears on the Field

In the 2007 Masters finals, O’Sullivan’s continuous high-quality offense and unfriendly actions by some of the audience made the young Ding Junhui completely out of control on the field and shed tears.

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