National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station details highlight the professional and official nature of the event

On August 21st, the 2012 “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the countdown. The top 16 players in the country and those who entered the tournament after the baptism of the qualifying round arrived at the stadium to report today, and the match site layout work Also basically ready.

Although the previous competitions have related regulations on the dressing of the players, in order to enhance the viewing and integrity of the competition, the organizers of this competition specially customized uniform t-shirts for the players. The male players are sky blue and the female players are pink. The LOGO of the organizer CBSA China Billiards Association is printed on the left sleeve of the t-shirt, the star is embroidered on the left chest, and the “star” is worn on the right chest.

“Star” is also the latest measure of this competition to distinguish between contestants. The star rating is divided into “white star on blue background” and “golden star on red background” according to the athlete’s competition performance. The qualifying contestants in each competition zone wear the “white star on blue background”, among which the first place has five stars, 2-4 stars with 4 stars, and 5-6 players with 3 stars; the sub-station contestants wear the “red background golden star” “, the first place with five stars, 2-4 with 4 stars, 5-8 with 3 stars, and 9-16 with 2 stars; the top 16 men and the top 8 women in the sub-stations wear “red gold Star”.

Although the uniform t-shirt and the wearing of the “star” are only innovations in details, they are different from other events and highlight the professional and official nature of this event. Reporters at the reporting site saw that although the organizer did not require it, many golfers wore t-shirts and “stars” when they practiced. “Such a formal game, I have to wear it to find the feeling.” The player said with a smile.

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