[Chinese Billiards World Championships table] I am the designated table for the “heads-up” match, a big player

Every spring, I go on a spring trip. This year, I came to a brand new place: Chaoyang, Liaoning. I will stay here for five months. This time I only saw 8 people, but I can see them in Yushan almost every year. The ecstasy of winning the world championship and the frustration of missing the victory are all in my mind.

[Chinese Billiards World Championships table] I am the designated table for the "heads-up" match, a big player

Yushan, the place I am most familiar with, I have been here for five consecutive spring trips. I can meet players from all over the world in Yushan, and have the opportunity to complete the “star chasing and clocking mission” that “I dare not even think of”, such as Ding Junhui, Trump, Selby, Robertson who are most familiar with the good brother XW101-12S , Hawkins, Perry… etc.

I always remember that when I first came to Yushan five years ago, the players of the national team were shocked by me. I have always wondered why this is happening because of the six shiny golden legs? As time goes by, the weapons on my body become more and more abundant, and I gradually realize the reason.

I heard that I have more than ten patents. This is the inspiration of the star masters after contemplation. For example, the “I”-shaped steel warehouse chooses the well-known thickened No. 45 carbon steel in China, which will not be deformed by laser cutting, in order to ensure that each steel warehouse rebounds evenly and the sound is clearer. Carbon steel is ground by machine tools to ensure that the flatness and thickness of each steel bank are the same. Another example is the four-track slide to prevent the ball from falling to the ground.

The Xingpai masters installed a small screen for me and put a few heating plates under the slate. They said that the weather in Yushan is humid and they are in need. Later, I learned that this is an intelligent temperature control, dehumidification, heating and lighting system, so that everyone can play ball happily no matter where they are. How bad it would be if the ball can’t move.

I am heavier than many tables. On the one hand, the stone slab is thickened, and on the other hand, there is an extra steel frame under the stone slab and heating plate. There are 37 leveling points customized with special materials on the steel frame. These points are not selected at your fingertips. I have seen people of various levels who are very good at testing constantly, playing very lightly and slowly. Find the leveling point. 37 leveling points plus three stone slabs polished on both sides. To put it bluntly, I want me to be as level as possible. Don’t let everyone play a ball and consider going uphill and downhill.

With so many “black technologies”, the hardware must naturally be the best. The station is 6811 No. 10 cashmere, which is the one used by the good brother XW101-12S. The plastic edging is the most famous northern British plastic edging in the world, and it has been tried and tested. The skin of the skin is selected from New Zealand natural pasture cattle spine skin. The wood is FAS grade Southeast Asian Willow Eucalyptus. Xingpai’s fantastic ideas and various top-level hardware at home and abroad prove once again: These years, if you want to do a good job, it will not work without the joint efforts of the people of the earth.

Checking in a new place this year makes me very excited. I heard that the fans are looking forward to this game. I want to tell everyone: I’m ready!

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