Chinese billiards ranking match Jinlong suffered a reversal, Wang Peng was unwell and lost

On August 23, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station ended the second day of competition at the Shenyang Pool Club on the 9th floor. Li Hewen, Zheng Yubo, Qiu Paomou, Shi Xin, Chen Qiang and other players all made it to the top 16. Golden Dragon was unfortunately out of Zheng Yubo’s reversal, while the last runner-up Wang Peng lost due to physical discomfort.

In the afternoon game, a classic battle between snooker master Jin Long and Zheng Yubo started. Jinlong unexpectedly took the lead all the way in the game and took the lead to get the match point 8-5. After Zheng Yubo pulled back two points, Jin Long had a chance to end the game, but he left it in the pocket when hitting the last full-color ball. Zheng Yubo completed the clearing brilliantly and used Jinlong to rush the ball in the deciding game. The chance of the ball falling in the pocket was cleared, and finally it was a 9-8 reversal to win and advance to the top 16. There were many big scores in the afternoon game. Li Hewen and Qiu Paomou both defeated their opponents and advanced to the next round very easily. In the rest of the game, Pu Songyu lost to Liu Yang 3-9, Yu Ting defeated Fan Jidong 9-7, Liu Yong beat Su Ling 9-4, Li Hui 4-9 Yushi, Li Hao lost to Zhang Daowei 3-9.

In the last round of the night, there were many big scores. The most unexpected match was between the last runner-up Wang Peng and Song Binhui. Wang Peng made many mistakes in the opening stage, and he fell behind 0-7 quickly. Although he launched a counterattack in the latter stage, a mistake in the 12th game still allowed Song Binhui to win 9-3. After the game, Wang Peng said about the reason for his defeat. In the first game, his skin broke a little, which was a little affected. Moreover, he slept in the afternoon, and after waking up, he felt ill all over his body. Wang Peng added that after playing for so many years, this is the first time such a situation has occurred.

Zhang Guanghao defeated Xi Hongyu 9-0. This was the only match with zero seals. Shi Xin, Chen Qiang and Zhao Hongyi all advanced to the top 16 with a score of 9 to 2. Liu Chuang also won 9 to 1. The most anxious match of this round was between Liu Haitao and Li Zhongwei. In the match, Liu Haitao’s luck seemed to be not very good. He soon fell behind 3-6 and was the first to win the match point 8-5 by his opponent, although he later recovered. One point, but in the crucial 15th inning sent the ball in his hand, which resulted in a 6-9 loss.

On August 24th, Beijing time, the men’s team of this National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament will enter the eighth finals. The specific matches are as follows: Li Hewen vs. Zhang Daowei, Ji Yushi vs. Liu Yong, Yu Ting vs. Zheng Yubo, Liu Yang vs. Qiu Artillery, Chen Qiang vs. Shi Xin, Zhang Guanghao vs. Li Chuang, Liu Chuang vs. Zhao Hongyi, Li Zhongwei vs. Song Binhui.

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