The Rockets’ single-season ranking opens a big gap between No. 2 and 15th after 00

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association This season’s professional rankings have passed more than half, and the rankings in a single season are undergoing drastic changes. Among them, O’Sullivan continues to shine at the top of the list, and has opened at least one major championship distance from the second. It is worth mentioning that with a series of outstanding performances, post-00 teenager Yan Bingtao has risen to 15th, second only to Ding Junhui who is 7th in the Chinese Army.

Looking back at this season, O’Sullivan has seen the most dramatic change in the single-season rankings. In the first six ranked matches, he only participated in one stop, and he stopped early in the top 8 and ranked lower in the single season.

“Invisible” two months later, he made a strong comeback at the English Open and easily won the championship. Three weeks later, he added another title to the Shanghai Masters, and his single-season ranking jumped directly from bottom to first. However, at that time, how long the “missing king” could stay in this position became a big doubt.

The British Championship just ended, O’Sullivan responded to the fans’ doubts with actions, unstoppable into the finals and defeated the powerful Murphy. He won the second place for the sixth time and added 170,000 pounds in bonus points. So far, in just over two months, O’Sullivan has only participated in five ranking tournaments, and he has received three trophies dazzlingly. This week, the single-season rankings were freshly released. The Rockets took the lead with £415,500, surpassing the second ranked Brecher by nearly £190,000, which is equivalent to the distance of a major championship or close to three Scottish Open championships distance.

3 to 6 are Trump, Selby, Murphy and Mark Williams.

Ding Junhui’s single-season ranking improved significantly after winning the Yushan Open in September. However, he suffered from eye problems and missed three ranking matches, and he only won one of the three tournaments. He is currently ranked in the single season. He dropped slightly on the list, ranking seventh.

After 00, the teenager Yan Bingtao jumped to 15th place in a single season with his impressive record of the top 4 of the Daqing National Championships and the runner-up of the Northern Ireland Open. Li Xing, who has experienced an outbreak this season, followed closely behind and ranked 16th. At the Scottish Open, Cao Yupeng, who had just scored a full score of 147 on his first stroke of his career, ranked 25th and Xiao Guodong ranked 30th.

This list is very important because it directly relates to the Grand Prix lineup that is only open to the top 32 in a single season, and after the Gibraltar Open, only the top 16 players can participate in the tournament. There are currently three ranking tournaments before the Grand Prix node, namely the current Scottish Open, the German Masters and the single limited time tournament. Chinese players Zhou Yuelong, Liang Wenbo and Lu Haotian all have the chance to compete in the Grand Prix next February.

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