China Tour Cao Yupeng quickly beats Fan Zhengyi, Chang Bingyu 4-2, Chen Feilong advances to the final

China Billiards Association Official Website News On the evening of September 5, 2017, the CBSA China Professional Snooker Tour Baoying International Open ended two semi-final contests. The world’s professional snooker player Cao Yupeng 4-0 won the Shinco IBSF World Youth Championship champion Fan Zhengyi and advanced to the finals. In the other semi-final that ended, Chang Bingyu from Xinjiang defeated Chen Feilong 4-2 and reached the threshold of the final.


According to the schedule, players who want to advance to the final must pass the test of one day double competition. In the quarter-finals in the afternoon, Cao Yupeng defeated Wang Zepeng 4-1 to advance. In the confrontation between Fan Zhengyi and Browning, the two middle-aged players, Fan Zheng went 3-0 in one hour. The score was the first to get the match point. Although Browning recovered one game later, he still did not change the situation behind him. Fan Zhengyi entered the semifinals with a score of 4-1.

In the semi-finals between Cao Yupeng and Fan Zhengyi, the first two games of Fan Zhengyi were reversed while leading the opponent by a big score. After the game, Cao Yupeng continued to put pressure on the opponent and finally won the game. , Get tickets to the finals.

“I am quite satisfied with my performance in this game.” Cao Yupeng said in an interview, “I was behind in the first game by a lot of points. Later, I used the opportunity of snooker to get hands-on to complete the clearing of the stage, and achieved 1-0 lead.” Cao Yupeng said that this round was very important for the whole game. He gained confidence in this round, but the pressure was on Fan Zhengyi.

“Fan Zhengyi’s luck in the second game was not very good. He fouled when he burst the ball, and I seized the opportunity to win by one shot and continue to expand the score advantage.” Summarizing the whole game, Cao Yupeng was quite satisfied with himself.

“The first game I came here to play was not very good because I didn’t adapt to the venue, but my state slowly recovered later.” In a game on the afternoon of September 4, Cao Yupeng and another active player World snooker professional player Wang Yuchen entangled until the deciding game before narrowly winning. Cao Yupeng said that winning the game was very difficult. “At that time, I was in a very ordinary state, and my ability to win depends on some defensive and tactical use.” After fighting again today, Cao Yupeng said that he felt his state was back again.

Fan Zhengyi has just won the IBSF World Youth Championship, and next season he will land in the world snooker professional arena. As a senior in the professional game, Cao Yupeng said he envied them. “The young players grow up in a much better environment than us now, and there are many opportunities to compete with top international players. I believe these young players can learn a lot from them, and the career path will go smoother.”

In the other semi-final that ended later, Xinjiang’s young player Chang Bingyu defeated Chen Feilong 4-2 and joined Cao Yupeng in the final. The final will be staged on time at two o’clock in the afternoon on September 6, and the final will be based on a 9-game 5-win system.

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