Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hebi Qualifying Tournament 16 is out

On October 27th, Beijing time, the 2012 “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hebi “Xinliyuan Cup” Qualifying Tournament ended the group match at the Hebi Yingmen Billiards Club of Henan Province. After a day of competition, the top 16 of the competition have all been produced. They will determine the final champion and 12 contestants to participate in Hangzhou Station tomorrow. Wang Xiaoqian, who lost the first two stops, missed the promotion again.

A total of more than 70 billiards masters from all over the country signed up for this qualifying match. The first is the competition in the group stage. Each group of 8 players in the group stage adopts a double elimination and five rounds of competition system. The winner and the loser of the group stage will each have one promoted player, and then draw lots to enter the single elimination round. , Until the final champion.

Actually, in today’s game, Wang Xiaoqian had a very good start. He directly won two consecutive victories and entered the promotion game. In the game against Ding Haojie, Wang Xiaoqian led 4 to 3 at one time, but a subsequent error caused Ding Haojie to drag the game into a decisive round. In the deciding game, Wang Xiaoqian’s luck was not very good. First he kicked the No. 8 ball into the pocket of the bag, and then his own ball ran to the No. 8 ball. Although he used the ball in his hand to solve this problem brilliantly, but in the end A thin ball error made by Ding Haojie won the game. In the subsequent losing game, Wang Xiaoqian seemed to be out of form, and soon lost to Corning 1-5, losing both.

After the first day of competition, the final 16 finalists have all been produced, and they will compete for a single defeat tomorrow. At present, the draw for the single defeat has all ended. The specific matches are as follows: Yang Zhanbin vs. Chen Zhigang, Song Binhui vs. Yu Guangyu, Hao Tian vs. Mao Inheritance, Bai Shujun vs. Zhang Jiangang, Ding Haojie vs. Corning, Bailong vs. Li Guohong, Meng Jiang vs. Shen Chongyang, Zhang Guanghao vs Han Xiaoxiang.

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