Chinese Billiards Shanxi Qualifying Tournament: Round of 16 comes, Xi Hongyu and others catch the last train

On April 21, 2012, the 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament hosted by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. sponsored by the China Billiards Association, the first stop of the Henan Station Shanxi Qualifying Tournament was held in Datong Party Bar Xingpai Billiards Club to determine the top 16 places. Wang Xiaoqian, Xi Hongyu and others, who fell into the losing team yesterday, qualified for the top 16 with the winning team.

Wang Xiaoqian, Xi Hongyu, etc., after the losing team’s competition, have qualified for the top 16 with the winning team.

Yu Enze, who unexpectedly lost the 16-to-8 match yesterday, met Li Tiegang in the final round of the losing team. Although the opponents are different, the process is very similar. When Yu Enze was behind 1-3 in the opening game, he tied the score and took the lead to get the match point. However, at the critical moment, Yu Enze’s small error caused his opponent to drag the game into the decisive game. Both played very cautiously in the deciding game, and the surrounding spectators were also very quiet, and the atmosphere of the game was very tense. After long thinking, Li Tiegang scored the No. 8 ball with a beautiful flip, and the audience also gave warm applause. Within two days, the two decisive games were defeated. I don’t know if Yu Enze was too lucky or in bad form. His exit created a small upset for the game.

In other respects, in the “Death Group”, Wang Xiaoqian, who fell into the defeated department, did not miss another chance to qualify from the defeated department today. Xi Hongyu, He Wenlong, Li Feng and others also took the last train of the top 16.

The 8 players who qualified from the losing team re-draw lots and the top 8 players from the winning team form the top 16 list

In order to avoid encounters again, the top 8 winners are placed in groups, and the 8 who qualify from the losing team are drawn again to form the top 16 list with the top 8 winners. At 1 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, 16 players will make a final impact on the top 8 places. They only need to win the next round to get the Henan Station race places. After two days of fierce competition, the answer is about to be revealed for who can get the tickets for the main race and who can win the championship of this station qualifier.

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