Qualifying Tournament Liang Wenbo leads 5 people into the final round, Yu Delu and Zhou Yuelong are out

In the second round of the 2018 Snooker World Championships Qualifying Tournament, the Chinese Army continued to show its outstanding strength. The two derby games ended with Liang Wenbo and Xiao Guodong winning, and they were defeated by Zhao Xintong and Mei Xiwen. Zhang Anda beat Gould 10-4 after finishing the third shot. Lv Haotian trailed 5-9 in five consecutive games and reversed O’Donnell 10-9. And Li Xing 9-10 McLeod, Yu Delu 7-10 Jones, Zhou Yuelong 8-10 Wells, the three were eliminated. So far, a total of 5 Chinese players have entered the final round of the qualifying round, namely Liang Wenbo, Xiao Guodong, Tian Pengfei, Zhang Anda and Lu Haotian.


In the first nine games of the first stage, Liang Wenbo, who had just grabbed the limelight with a 147 and a 140 in the first round, added two more to break the 100, leading Zhao Xintong 7-2.

In the second stage of the day, Liang Wenbo increased the total score to 8-2 with 77 points on a single stroke. Faced with increasingly unfavorable situations, Zhao Xintong worked hard to adjust, winning the 11th and 12th innings 66-11 and 68-62. Next, he scored 86 points in a single stroke, and the total score was 5-8.

In the 14th inning, Liang Wenbo interrupted the teenager’s counterattack 58-43, and then Liang Wenbo closed the 15th inning with 78 points, so Liang Wenbo won 10-5 with a total score of 10-5 and advanced to the third round of the qualifying round. The last round.

In another derby match, Xiao Guodong led Mexiwen 6-3 in the first stage. In the second stage, Xiao Guodong opened straight to three cities and won the match point 9-3. Mei Xiwen only regained one game, and Xiao Guodong finally secured the victory 10-4 and advanced with Liang Wenbo.

In foreign operations, Zhang Anda and Lu Haotian performed the most eye-catching. Zhang Anda’s opponent is Gould, the 2016 German Masters champion. In the first stage, Zhang Anda broke 100 and led the “Glasses Man” by 7-2 twice.

In the second stage, Zhang Anda continued his positive momentum, expanding the total score to 9-2 with 63 and 95 points in a single stroke, and won the match point early. Gould made the final fight, scored the 12th game 64-44, and saved another match point with 57 points.

Faced with a former TOP16 player who won a championship in three career ranking finals, Zhang Anda did not dare to take it lightly. In the 14th inning, Zhang Anda seized a chance to kill with 117 points in a single stroke. After completing his third stroke in the game, he beat the 8th seed in the qualifying game 10-4 and broke into the final of the qualifying game. wheel.

Junior Lu Haotian and O’Donnell fought hard for 19 rounds. Due to the slow progress, the two played only eight rounds in the first stage. Lu Haotian fell behind 2-6, and the prospects are worrying. In the second stage, Lu Haotian was behind 5-9 for a time, only one step away from being out. At the critical moment, the 20-year-old Lv Haotian won five games in a row with an incredible pace, with a total score of 10-9 reversing the victory, only one step away from the main match.

Li Xing fell behind black golfer McLeod 4-5 in the first stage. In the second stage, although he shot a 100 and feels 50+, he finally lost with a 9-10 regret and was eliminated.

Yu Delu didn’t feel good on the day. At the end of the first stage, he fell behind Jones 1-8. In the second stage, he fought back 6-1, but he owed too much money before, and finally lost 7-10, and his 7-year career continued to miss Crusgow’s debut. Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong lost to Wales 8-10 and was also blocked from the final round of the qualifying round.

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