Xingpai-Red Bull Cup microsite is newly launched to share event information with one click

At present, the 2015 Xingpai-Red Bull Cup Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Club League is in the recruitment stage, and the match micro-site is also newly launched. Here, all the information about the Xingpai Red Bull Cup can be seen at a glance, news, photo albums, videos, prizes and other information. Master it with one hand.

It can be said that all the information of the Star Red Bull Cup is displayed on the micro-site, including the 2014 event review, 2015 event recruitment, the most complete prize display, registration information, live phone and other functions. The online registration function button gathers the most comprehensive recruitment information here. If you want to know the 2015 Xingpai-Red Bull Cup related information, you can solve the problem with one click.

What needs to be pointed out is that the recruitment work ends on June 30. If you want to join us, please hurry up!

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