In the side game, Guo Siting was hit by two match points and the rushing effect was poor

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association On September 28, 2017, the CBSA Donghai Hot Spring 9-ball International Open will enter its second match day. The Chinese Taipei player Guo Siting, who lost to Gu Zhengqing 4-7 in the first round the day before yesterday, fought again. As a result, Guo Siting was defeated by Wang Meiyu in the first round bye and returned again.

According to the schedule, a total of three matches will be played out of the tournament, with 4 women qualifying each. A bye in the first round means that players only need to win three games to qualify for qualifying, and Guo Siting has already wasted two opportunities.

In yesterday’s match with Wang Meiyu, Guo Siting was 6-4 ahead of the opponent, but when the final game came, both players made simple mistakes. In the end, Wang Meiyu scored the 9th goal, reversed and killed Guo Siting. .

For the CBSA 9-Ball International, Guo Siting can be said to be a frequent visitor. Although he often plays side games, Guo Siting can always get tickets to the main game. “Today I am not very satisfied with my performance in the game.” During the game, Guo Siting has been reminding himself not to be under pressure and not to be too anxious. “In fact, under normal circumstances, I think I can win the game. Maybe it is. I haven’t adjusted my mentality before the game. I hope I can seize the last chance to advance to the main game tomorrow.”

will use the winning side to rush the ball, if one side is in good shape, it is easier to have a big difference in the score, and in this game, the two entangled to the final game. “Today, Wang Meiyu and I did not perform very well in rushing the ball. After rushing the ball, we did not have a good chance to continue the attack.” After the game, Guo Siting led the opponent 6-4 and took the lead to get the match point. “After I got the match point, I made some mistakes. Originally, I didn’t adjust my mentality, and I made mistakes even more chaotic.”

In this station, a total of 43 women players participated in the side events. After two days of competition, there are only 35 people left to compete for 4 promotion places tomorrow. Hopefully, as Guo Siting said, they can adjust their status as soon as possible and catch the last train of promotion.

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