Liu Haitao: Chinese billiards are ranked and hope to enter the main match

On June 16, 2012, Liu Haitao, a member of the famous Chinese 9-ball national team, appeared in the second leg of the “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in the Shenyang Station Inner Mongolia Qualifying Tournament. TOP147 also interviewed Liu Haitao who came to participate in the competition.

In the 2012 “Yalin Cup” Vietnam Men’s 9-Ball Asian Open in July, Liu Haitao defeated British player Stuart Pettman with a score of 11:6 and won the championship in one fell swoop. This is an event organized by a company signed by Liu Haitao. According to Liu Haitao, there are two Filipino players participating in this competition, and some participants are from Singapore. In fact, there are not too many world-class players participating in this event. I joined this competition in the form of a participating event, and did not have a strong possessive desire for the championship, but after all, he was able to win the championship when he went abroad to compete. Liu Haitao said he was still very happy in his heart.

As a very good friend of Liu Haitao, Wang Xiaoqian also participated in the event and entered the top 16. Liu Haitao said: “I have a very good relationship with Wang Xiaoqian. He once taught me to play, but later because of his lack of time, I started to practice on my own.”

As a member of the 9-ball national team, Liu Haitao trains 9 balls before the game. He does not have many opportunities to practice Chinese billiards, but he will also practice basic skills on the Chinese billiard table. This time he participated in the “Star Cup” Chinese billiards ranking. In the second qualifying round of the Shenyang station, Liu Haitao’s goal is not high, but he just hopes to make it into the Shenyang race. Speaking of the results of the competition, Liu Haitao said: “During the competition, you want to get good results, but the competition is still to be played one by one. The hope is too great and it will cause a lot of pressure on yourself. It’s not easy to relax, it’s tighter.”

are the same post-80s. When talking about the post-80s’ cognition and technical aspects of billiards, Liu Haitao believes that the post-80s who professionally play Chinese billiards lack some experience and some confrontation. In this regard, Liu Haitao gave his own thoughts: “I suggest that they get in touch with 9 balls more. After contact with 9 balls, they will have a change in their understanding of the ball and their attitude towards the ball. This is for them to play Chinese billiards. It will help.”

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