With the three champions and wearing a crown, Murphy will fight Cruzeiro again!

In the recently concluded Tour Championship, Murphy scored six shots and broke 100 in the game against Allen. Although he lost the game, the 2005 World Championship champion was still impressive. There is no doubt that Murphy still regularly trains during the period of home isolation.

Murphy, who was still struggling to keep the top 16 ranking last season, seems to have changed a person this season, winning two ranking championship trophies, and ranking second in a single season. Based on his performance in the World Championships over the years, it is reasonable that he is favored by everyone.

With the three champions and wearing a crown, Murphy will fight Cruzeiro again!

Murphy has participated in 18 competitions this season. In the rankings, he has reached the finals twice and won the top four, twice into the quarterfinals. In the national championship finals in the summer of 2019, Murphy lost to Trump. This is his sixth time in the ranking finals. In the China Championships, 37-year-old Murphy defeated Williams 10-9 to win the championship, and won the Welsh Open in 2020.

In fact, Murphy’s performance was very stable throughout the 2019-2020 season. In the finals of the Shanghai Masters, the Masters, the German Masters, and the Players Championship all reached the semi-finals. Murphy’s worst performance this season was in the British Championships, losing to Sharaf in the first round. This season, Murphy won £383,000 in the Ranking Tournament alone, ranking second behind Trump.

Before the game was banned, Murphy used his performance to confirm that he was a strong competitor in Sheffield. During this period, most of the players’ practice is not systematic and their state is unpredictable. In June, Murphy participated in the Tour Championship where the top eight in a single season can participate. In the quarter-finals with Allen, he scored 6 strokes and broke 100. Together with Maguire, he created a 17-game 9-win game. The highest single game broke a hundred records.

At the 2005 World Championships, Murphy was on the championship podium from the qualifying rounds to the end. It was the biggest dark horse in the Cruxburgh competition in the past 20 years. It seems that Murphy is one of the most confident competitors in the game, but sometimes the rest of the game is very disappointing to him, and continuity has always been an annoying place for him.

Murphy has been to the finals of the World Championships 3 times, and he knows exactly what to do in the Crucibles. However, since losing to Bingham in the 2015 World Championship finals, Murphy has only won two games here.

In this world championship, Murphy and Selby, Robertson and Hawkins are in a quarter of a zone, which is a difficult signing. And the opponents in the first round may not be easy to solve. However, if Murphy can do what he deserves, very few people will want to play against him, especially if everyone has seen some of his bright moments in this outstanding season.

Murphy’s birthday is August 10th. If he can go longer in the World Championships, he will have the opportunity to celebrate his 38th birthday in Crucible. Murphy played his second professional game in 2001. The highest ranking ever went to the world’s 3rd. He won the ranking championship 10 times and scored 147 points 5 times. Murphy won the World Championship in 2005, the British Championship in 2008, and the Masters in 2015. He collected the trophies of the three championships and was able to put on the vest. A crown.

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