9-ball Chengde Women’s Final, Fu Xiaofang wins Che Yulan and wins again after Miyun Station

In the first game, Che Yulan successfully used the long table to get the No. 2 ball and then cleared the table. He scored one point first, 1-0. In the second game, Fu Xiaofang rushed the ball without any ball pockets, but the No. 1 ball could not directly attack, and Che Yulan could only choose to putt; Fu Xiaofang used the drop to get the chance to get hands on, and after clearing the table, the score was tied. 1 to 1 tie. In the 3rd game, Che Yulan didn’t get the ball in the rush, Fu Xiaofang rewritten the score to 2-1. In the 4th game, after Fu Xiaofang rushed the ball, the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 balls were successfully pocketed, but the No. 4 ball was blocked by the No. 9 ball. Fu Xiaofang defended and left the opportunity, but Che Yulan attacked. An error occurred on the 8th ball, and Fu Xiaofang won another round, 3-1. In the 5th game, Fu Xiaofang successfully solved the No. 5 ball and formed a reverse hang. The Che Yulan jump ball first hit the No. 6 ball. Fu Xiaofang used the ball in his hand to score another point, 4-1.

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