12-year-old Wang also won Cong Jing in the national Chinese billiards ranking competition and was promoted to the top 16

On May 24, Beijing time, the 2012 “star Cup” national Chinese billiards ranking competition in Henan station entered the second day competition in Zhengzhou Gaogu billiards club. At present, the second round of women’s group competition has all ended, Liu Shasha, Han Yu, Zhou Doudou and other players have successfully entered the top 16.

In the morning’s competition, Fu Xiaofang lost to Dove 4-5, which broke out a big surprise. Han Yu continued yesterday’s excellent state in training, with a 5-3 victory over Wenzhou’s famous Wu Mengmeng into the top 16. In the morning, song Xinyi, Niu Cuizhi, Wang Yingying, Liu Qingqing, Ma Jiao and Qu Ying were promoted.

In the afternoon, there are still two players from the national team, Liu Shasha against Zhang Lei and Zhou Doudou against Wang Ying. Liu Shasha was once suppressed by her opponents in the competition, but after 2-2, Liu Shasha began to work hard and made wonderful attacks continuously, winning bursts of applause from the audience on the sidelines. In the end, Liu Shasha won 5-3 and will face Du Hui in the next round. Zhou Doudou also encountered the opponent’s tenacious resistance in the opening stage. After 2-2 and 3-3, Zhou Doudou finally ushered in the opportunity and finally won with the score of 5-3. Cong Jing, a player from Dalian, was challenged by 12-year-old Wang Ye. When he was 3-4 behind, Cong Jing got the chance to get the ball in his hand. However, after just playing the next ball, Cong Jing made a mistake in his position. At this time, Wang had only one 8 ball left in his pocket. Cong Jing failed to attack and Wang also won 5-3.

At 15:00 this afternoon, the second round of the men’s competition will also start. Li Hewen, Wang Yan, Shi Xin, Xie Huijie and other players will all play later.

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