Zheng Yubo Chinese Billiards Challenge first stage Zheng Yubo leads 19-11

Xingpai pool table. The medals of the Chinese Billiards World Championships have not yet covered their heat. The championship Zheng Yubo appeared in Beijing in a hurry. Waiting for him here is the beautiful studio built by China Sports, hundreds of thousands of football fans waiting in the live broadcast room, The superb studio elite team, naturally, there is also an enemy he has never met in the game, Michael Hill.

is because they have never confronted each other before, which also allowed the foreshadowing of this event to grow. Zheng Yubo has undoubtedly confirmed that he is the “new Chinese brother” in the Chinese football world. He wiped out the great gods from all walks of life in the World Championships. The trip that should have been arduous to kill monsters has become his own performance. Stage, and became the first player in history to defend the World Championship championship. This time, he stepped into a more risky challenger, five-time French eight-ball national champion-Michael Hill. Even if Chinese billiards is not a new project that Hill is better at, but he can reach the finals of the 2016 World Championships and lose Shi Hanqing by one game. It can be seen that his skills in Chinese billiards must not be underestimated.

In the first two games, the main performances of each other are relatively traditional, and one game is taken out of the slow-paced look. Zheng Yubo opened his performance in the third game and cleared the flower-shaped ball with one stroke. Although he made a mistake in attacking the black 8 of Curry, he has since then used a four-seater jump ball to turn the bag and finished it, and then he sent it out again. One blow to fill up the shortcomings of the previous game. Since then, they have rushed to clear Taiwan, especially in Hill. With a cautious mentality of taking advantage of the trend, he will succeed in clearing Taiwan with one stroke for the second time, 4-3. In the eighth game, Hill’s repeated moves were actually inferior. Despite correcting some mistakes, he missed the final off-angle platform attack. Zheng Yubo easily won the single game.

From the ninth game, Zheng Yubo found the situation of “turning the enemy into a melon-eating crowd” during the World Championships. He continued to explode in three games and quickly enlarged the score to 8-3. Hill, who had already been in a significant general attack, again hit a black 8 in the next round and appeared to fall. As everyone knows, Zheng Yubo had no cramps in his hands, and he continued to get three rounds, and one shot was cleared. In this way, he won the previous eight consecutive rounds, the bloody experience of Wang Peng in the World Championship finals. , Hill also tried to figure it out, 12-3, the situation showed a one-sided situation.

Until the end of the first stage, Hill continued to use Zheng Yubo to slide once and smash the bag twice before he was lucky enough to get 3 points. During the rest period, there was an interesting scene. Hill, who had an outdated score, tried the billiard cue used by Zheng Yubo. If he got the treasure, he asked the enemy to use it, and Erbao was also very open-minded to use his own personal weapons and equipment. Gift.

In the second stage, the topic of the four-year journey that has been out of everyone’s sight was discussed. Referee Lu Mengxi returned to the game. Under the influence of dark blue short hair, each other was very “Peace” and took three each in the first six. In the 23rd inning, Hill tried four times to hook the Black 8 but failed. In the end, it was Zheng Yubo’s mistake to complete the out-of-bounds goal. The situation was 15-8.

Since then, the fight with each other is still in progress. Although Hill has won two consecutive wins in the first set of this link and used a free kick to receive the 26th inning, Zheng Yubo will always use the enemy to catch up with one point. The color tones, 17-10, still maintained the scores of the seven games. Zheng Yubo made a small effort in the final part of the first UEFA Champions League game. The next two consecutive games again led to a big difference. Hill won in the last game. In the end, in the first 30 games, Zheng Yubo led 19-11. The advantage was obvious. .

On the night of the 29th, China time, the match will enter the second half. It will be divided into 18:00 and 21:002 time periods. The football player who wins 33 games first will become the big winner.

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