Hong Kong Masters Robertson won 6-3, runner-up O’Sullivan single shot 143

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association On the evening of July 23, the 2017 Snooker Hong Kong Masters came to an end. In the final, Neil Robertson played a very high standard and finally defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-3. Won the championship, O’Sullivan won the runner-up and won the highest single-stroke award with 143 points in the fifth inning.

The Queen’s Stadium at 7pm ushered in the final decisive battle. The two teams faced Rockets O’Sullivan and Melbourne Robot Robertson. They played 20 times before. The Rockets had a clear advantage of 13 wins and 7 losses. The Rockets met at 13 in the two World Championships. -10 to win, each of the two finals wins once. Although the encounter is the third time the two have met this year, it is the first matchup this season.

The finals will be based on 11 rounds of 6 wins. In the first game, the quality of Robertson’s kick-off was not high, leaving a chance to attack from the far stage. O’Sullivan attacked decisively and tried to take the black ball. After the goal ball missed, the cue ball stopped in the second half to give a chance. Robertson continued to circle the black ball after getting started. The offense had the intention of trying 147, but he had no choice but to win six sets of red and black combinations and then hit the red ball and missed the top pocket to interrupt the scoring. After the ball changed hands, O’Sullivan took the opportunity to clear the red ball and scored 48 points but the last shot was black. The ball was lost, and Robertson didn’t even score the yellow ball in an excellent position. O’Sullivan once again cleared the stage and won the first game.

The defensive game at the beginning of the second game scattered the red balls. O’Sullivan’s offensive attempt from a far away was sent to the phone meeting. When Robertson scored 8 points, he had no choice but to switch to the defense. After several rounds of entanglement Robertson once again took a single shot with a 73-point victory to tie the score 1-1. In the third game, Robertson scored in the bag and took the lead. After scoring 53 points, O’Sullivan made a defensive error and then sent a chance. Robertson once again took a single shot with 80 points to clear the table and rewritten the score to 2-1.

In the fourth inning, O’Sullivan’s defensive line was slightly off and left a red ball offensive opportunity. Robertson tried to attack and did not miss a chance. O’Sullivan then scored 67 points with a single shot, but missed the difficulty. The over-pointing red ball was a pity. Robertson also scored 67 points to clear the table afterwards. O’Sullivan scored a black ball to win the battle for the COSCO Taiwan, and the two sides fought evenly 2-2 in the first half.

After a break in the innings, we entered the fifth inning. In the opening defense, Robertson hit a red ball near the bottom pocket. O’Sullivan then took a single shot to clear the table with 143 points, and took the lead 3-2 again. There were only three reds in the whole process. The ball is not connected to the black ball, but one blue ball and two pink balls are connected. In the sixth inning, O’Sullivan used a rare right-hand kick-off. In the deadlock, Robertson took the lead and scored 20 points. O’Sullivan made a mistake and missed the chance to miss the far stage. Robertson took the shot again with accuracy but scored 24 points. An error interrupted the offense. O’Sullivan cleared the red ball from the far stage but made a yellow ball error and left the good situation to his opponent. Robertson cleared the ball to the pink ball to tie the score 3-3.

In the seventh inning, Robertson’s offensive was wide and O’Sullivan scored the red ball with a defensive attack, but after scoring 11 points, a simple blue ball in the pocket gave the opponent a chance. Robertson scored a red ball but hit After losing the black ball, O’Sullivan then turned to defense with 53 points on a single stroke. The remaining four red balls were all on the side of the library. The situation was not good for Robertson. Robertson then patiently looked for opportunities to take the red balls and successfully made snooker , O’Sullivan’s defense was too hasty and fouled, Robertson cleared the table to complete the reversal, and the score came to 4-3.

In the eighth inning, O’Sullivan’s far offensive missed the chance. Robertson scored 12 points and turned to defense after taking over. Then O’Sullivan’s defense had a loophole. Robertson’s far offensive started with a 68-point single shot to win, 5-3 lead. Match point. In the ninth inning, O’Sullivan hit the black ball and brought the red ball into the defensive after he succeeded in the offensive. Robertson then pushed the red ball into the bottom pocket of the red ball and took the lead and won by 82 points. The total score was 6-3. Victory, won the championship, and O’Sullivan won the runner-up 45,000 pounds and the highest single-stroke award.

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