Higgins 5-0 O’Sullivan Rockets: See you at the Masters

China Billiards Association official website news 2017 Snooker Scotland Open quarter-finals, the much-watched “Theo War” failed to stage a confrontation battle. The powerful O’Sullivan eventually lost to his own limited energy. Higgins did not hesitate to end his four-game losing streak 5-0, and for the first time in 23 years, he won all enemies of his life in a ranked match.

Before the two sides played 64 times, Higgins was 27 wins, 34 losses and 3 draws. And this year, the wizard has suffered four big defeats in front of the Rockets that he can hardly let go of.

But this time O’Sullivan is different. Although he has recently won three championships dazzlingly, he played 32 games in two months. Anyone can see that the Rockets’ energy is at the end of their lives. Faced with opponents of the same level that day, the Rockets had more than enough energy. In fact, on the last match day, he was already tired, and frequently dozed between the innings, releasing bad signals. On the other hand, Higgins is playing hard with the support of his hometown elders, so the result can be imagined.

In this game, Higgins controlled the entire game. After winning the first game with 55 points in a single stroke, he scored three break percentage points, 109 points, 117 points and 105 points respectively. O’Sullivan tried to counterattack in the fifth game, but he scored 60 points intermittently and returned without success. Higgins finished with 72 points on a single shot. In this way, the powerful Rockets finally lost to his own energy and was swept 0-5 and missed the top 4 . After being promoted, Higgins will face Neil Robertson in the next semifinals.

“John (Higgins) performed first-rate, he is an amazing player, incredible,” O’Sullivan praised Higgins’ performance after the game.

After losing the game, O’Sullivan admitted that he felt a bit relieved because he never had to come back to play another game.

“I look forward to going home and I don’t need to pack anymore. What I need now is a rest, and I hope I will be energetic and return to the January Masters.”

This is the first time that Higgins has taken O’Sullivan in the rankings for the first time in 23 years. The last time was the 1994 Grand Prix. “That was the first time I won the championship,” Higgins clearly remembered this. “I played with him in the quarter-finals. It was a good result for me.”

In the quarter-finals of the Scottish Open last year, Higgins also defeated O’Sullivan 5-2. In the end, he reached the final and lost to Fu Jiajun. “Because of Ronnie (O’Sullivan)’s performance and confidence this year, this is a much better result,” Higgins said.

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