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On January 13th, Beijing time, the 2019 Snooker Masters Tournament will kick off in London, England. Top 16 athletes from around the world including Selby, Ding Junhui, and O’Sullivan will participate. A wonderful snooker feast is coming soon Turn on.

At the same time, the most popular snooker live broadcast platform-“China Sports” once again introduced the new media live broadcast copyright of the top snooker events of the World Taiwan Federation. Starting from the Masters, “China Sports” will start the “one stroke to the end” mode: 24 top snooker events throughout the year, thousands of wonderful duels, to meet the needs of fans to watch live games anytime, anywhere; Effie, A group of professional snooker internet celebrities such as Sweetheart, Liu Song, Ronnie Kagawa, etc., accompany the fans to watch and chat, and have fun together; there are also a series of interactive activities such as Q&A and lottery draws. Signature gifts are given to fans. Cool to the end!

Wonderful “one shot to the end”, starting from the Masters

As one of the three major snooker competitions, the Snooker Masters will be the opening of the New Year’s snooker event. Top 16 players including Selby, Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan will participate. The total prize money this year is up to 600,000 pounds. , Where the championship can get 200,000.

In 2011, Chinese player Ding Junhui won the Masters Championship. In this game, he will hit the first championship of this season and 2019; after successfully defending the title in 2017, “Rocket” O’Sullivan broke Hendry’s record of six championships in one fell swoop. With a record of seven championships in the Masters, he will be the eighth championship in the Masters and the fourth personal championship this season. In addition, O’Sullivan’s current single-stroke breakthrough number is the 986th, and it is even possible to achieve a thousand-stroke feat in this competition.

What is more worth looking forward to is that this competition is very likely to appear the official record of the 147th score of 147, which will become a memorable milestone in the world. “China Sports” will record the great history of these snooker throughout the whole year, and the wonderful live broadcast of 24 top snooker events throughout the year will also start from here.

introduce copyright again, watch “The Return of the King”

Beginning in 2019, “Chinese Sports” will bring fans the long-awaited world snooker event, and this time “Chinese Sports” has once again introduced copyright, which is called “The Return of the King” by industry insiders. “.

In 2016 and 2017, “China Sports” broadcasted the whole year of the World Taiwan Federation of Snooker events, filling the domestic gap. Through thousands of high-definition live broadcasts of matches, tens of thousands of match-related reports, and continuous fancy live broadcast interactions, “China Sports” has accumulated millions of heavy snooker fans. Anchors such as Effie, Sweetheart, Liu Song, Ronnie Kagawa and others are widely sought after, becoming the leading internet celebrity anchors in the snooker fan circle. “China Sports” is also called “the most popular live snooker platform” by fans.

In 2018, “China Sports” also introduced the top event copyright of Chinese billiards, including the Chinese Billiard World Championships and the Joe’s International Masters, which have successively landed on the platform, creating a new position in the field of billiard copyright.

In addition, “China Sports” has set up two special columns for Taiwan fans: a micro-documentary of billiards stories, “Billiard Season”, which tells the most touching story of the billiards circle, especially the snooker circle; Billiards live-action program “Goddess’s Table” creates the unique charm of billiards goddess through a tense and interesting game system.

Professionalism and love have allowed the “China Sports” billiards channel to continue to cultivate content, only to bring more excitement to fans at the moment of “The Return of the King”.

“China Sports”, to create the most popular snooker live broadcast platform

After the introduction of copyright again, “China Sports” will reintegrate related resources, use copyright advantages, and professional advantages to further build the most popular snooker and billiard live broadcast platform in China.

Exclusive reports from the front, non-stop interviews with global snooker superstars such as Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan; new live interactive products at the rear, Q&A, lottery, “box chat room”, etc., let you play in the live room; superstar signature ball, autograph Photos, exquisite gifts are always given away! Of course, there is also an exclusive star version of the special documentary program. Everything you want to know about snooker can be seen here.

Timely, professional, comprehensive and interesting, watching snooker is on “China Sports”

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