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Star Brand pool billiard table. The well-known matchroom sports culture enterprise operates four fancy billiards competitions, including the global championship, Mosconi cup, women’s doubles World Cup and us open. Among them, the global fancy billiards championship has been basically fixed, and has become a new year’s drama every year. Since the competition was held in 1995, the senior generals of bastamandi, Oklo and Della have all won gold medals. Van berning is the only one who has won the championship. French senior general suquet has won the championship six times, creating a great myth.

The 26th World Championship of fancy billiards will be held at the Victoria stadium in San Marino from March 29 to 31, 2019. The competition has entered a variety of major transformations in 2019. First of all, the total number of players will be increased from 16 to 24. Eight seed teams will play from the second round, and the other 16 players will be replaced by the first round. Second, the total reward of the competition was increased to $100000, of which the total champion reward was $25000.

Han Yu, a Chinese football player, won his third women’s 9-Ball World Championship last year and was ranked first in the world. That kind of test results won Han Yu the invitation from the global fancy billiards championship. Han Yu will compete as a seed team and become the first female player in the 26 year history of the competition. “I feel very lucky because I was immediately selected as the seed and was the first female player in the competition. There is not much hope in the examination results, the key is to study and train. (win a round) the probability is not very big, but still want to give full play to their own level, I hope the miracle SF Han Yu said very quietly.

Seed list

1. Defending champion: Nils Finn

2. No.1 in men’s world: Alexander zakaski

3. Men’s 9-Ball world championship champion: Joshua Feller

4. US Open champion: Jason Shaw

5. 9-Ball European championship champion: Konrad juszczyszyn

6. Mosconi cup MVP: Skyler Woodward

7. Champion of Asian Championships: Ke Bingyi

8. No.1 in women’s world: Han Yu

The list of other competitors is being announced one after another. At present, Zheng Yuxuan, Ke Bingzhong, Chris Merlin, Diaz Pizarro and Taylor stil have entered the second round of voting. The competition system is single defeat elimination to the end, 7 in the semi-final and 9 in the final. All competitions have 30 seconds.

Champion of world fancy billiards Masters

1995,拉尔夫·苏奎特 /Ralf Souquet(德国)

1996,达利·皮治/Daryl Peach(英国)

1997,拉尔夫·苏奎特 /Ralf Souquet(德国)

1998,弗朗西斯科·巴斯塔曼迪 /Francisco Bustamante(菲律宾)

1999,艾利克斯·雷利 /Alex Lely(荷兰)

2000,拉尔夫·苏奎特 /Ralf Souquet(德国)

2001,弗朗西斯科·巴斯塔曼迪 /Francisco Bustamante(菲律宾)

2002,拉尔夫·苏奎特 /Ralf Souquet(德国)

2003,托尼·德拉高 /Tony Drago(马耳他)

2004,托马斯·恩格特 /Thomas Engert(德国)

2005,亨达尔 /Raj Hundal(英国)

2006,拉尔夫·苏奎特 /Ralf Souquet(德国)

2007,托马斯·恩格特 /Thomas Engert(德国)

2008,艾利克斯·帕古拉扬 /Alex Pagulayan(加拿大)

2009,达仑·艾博尔顿 /Darren Appleton(英国)

2010,丹尼斯·奥克洛 /Dennis Orcollo(菲律宾)

2011,拉尔夫·苏奎特 /Ralf Souquet(德国)

2012,卡罗尔·史科沃斯基/Karol Skowerski(波兰)

2013,尼尔斯·费恩/Niels Feijen(荷兰)

2014,夏恩·范伯宁 /Shane Van Boening(美国)

2015,夏恩·范伯宁 /Shane Van Boening(美国)

2016,大卫·阿尔凯德/David Alcaide(西班牙)

2017,尼尔斯·费恩 /Niels Feijen(荷兰)

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