2019 Snooker British Championships Yan Bingtao breaks three hundred and wins, young player Luo Honghao regrets to stop

At 17:30 on the evening of the 28th, Beijing time, the first round of the 2019 Snooker British Championships began at the same time. Among the five competitions involving Chinese players, Yan Bingtao and Xiao Guodong both achieved clean and quick victories. Fan Zhengyi repelled Zhou Yuelong to win the derby. Mexiwen was 2-4 behind and the Jedi counterattacked and won. The only regret is that The young player Luo Honghao, with a good touch, did not bring him the success he deserved. He lost 3-6 to his opponent and regrettably stopped.

In the first game to complete, Yan Bingtao overtook Brazilian player Figueiredo 6-1. Facing the underdogs, Yan Bingtao had nothing to tell in the first half except for a 111 in the opening, and there were some minor entanglements before the intermission. In the second half, Yan Bingtao’s offensive touch was completely activated, with two consecutive breaks and an additional 89 points. Yan Bingtao suddenly accelerated and immediately took away the game. At the same time, Xiao Guodong defeated veteran Rod Lawler with the same score. In the first half, Xiao Guodong won consecutive single strokes and got a 4-0 successful start, which also made the game lose suspense. With Lawler’s current level, it is a fantasy to complete the reversal in the 6-grab game. In the end, Xiao Guodong added another 50+ to beat his opponent.

Zhou Yuelong and Fan Zhengyi perform Derby. In this game, Zhou Yuelong, who was even more powerful, had a bad start. After playing 50+, he won the first round and was defeated by Fan Zheng. He fell behind 1-3 in the first half. Zhou Yuelong scored an equalizer after the start of the second half but failed to make further efforts. Fan Zhengyi regained the lead with 70 points on a single stroke, and then continued to win in the chaos, defeating Zhou Yuelong 6-4 upset, and advanced to the second round.

Two veterans Mehiwen and Dahdi meet. When Mexiwen fell 0-2 behind, he broke a hundred to save a city, but was turned back after the 4th game overscores and reversed the transfer of Mexiwen’s vitality. In the 5th round, Dahdi simply repeated the same tricks, but Mexiwen did not learn from the past and got the key round. In a marathon battle, Mexiwen exerted his strength in the second half and hit 60+ in a single stroke. The score went back to 5-4. Due to the start of the second period, the game was suspended. Mexiwen returned to the next city after the resumption of the stop, 6 -4 advance to the second round.

Junior Luo Honghao vs. Robbie Williams. Luo Honghao scored 5 shots and 50+, but the score was 3-6. Luo Honghao was eliminated, which is a pity. Among them, in the 3rd and 8th innings, Luo Honghao lost the game when he played 50+. The good hand feel failed to bring me a hearty success.

In the other games of this period, Lisovsky defeated David Lily 6-2. The two sides were in the same state. The offense was intermittent, and there was almost no high score. McManus ended up breaking the 100 consecutively, winning 6-1. Lesser, there is a tendency for the old man to talk about youth madness; Hamilton defeated Sam Baird 6-2, a very low-existence game but played a very high level, the old man was 1-2 behind in five consecutive rounds of single shots. Winning and reversing strongly.

Source: Pool Gang

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