How tall is the Yinchuan Classic? All the national team players are here!

From January 25th to 30th, the 2015 CBSA “Boge·Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic will be held in Yinchuan, the beautiful “Pearl on the Plug”.

Star players Zheng Yubo and Li Hewen

Currently, the registration work is in full swing. According to the latest registration situation, Chinese national team players such as Li Hewen, Dang Jinhu, Liu Haitao and Chu Bingjie have all confirmed to participate in the competition. In addition, Zheng Yubo, Yang Fan, Shi Hanqing, Wang Yun, Xiao Liu Chuang, Zhang Guanghao, Shi Xin and many other domestic first-line players also signed up.

Party Golden Tiger

Many stars gather, highlighting the high-end atmosphere of the Chinese billiards classic. The addition of these “elite” players guarantees the super high quality of the event, and the addition of some “grassroots elites” not only expands the coverage of high-profile events, but also provides a way for players with dreams to realize their dreams—— After the baptism of the Classic, which players will appear on the big stage of the 2016 Yushan Chinese Billiards World Championship?

Liu Haitao and Selby at the World Championships

Chu Bingjie at the World Championships

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