Cong Jing defeated Yu Hong in the Women’s Group of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station

On August 25th, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the final competition day at the Shenyang Snooker Club on the 9th floor. In the women’s finals, Cong Jing defeated Yu Hong 11-5 after two and a half hours of hard work and won the championship trophy at the second stop of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament.

The final of the women’s group is to take turns rushing the ball, winning 11 matches. In the first two games, the two sides evenly split each other and each scored one point. In the 3rd game, Cong Jing took the lead to hit the No. 8 ball. Although he experienced some twists and turns, he managed to score 2-1 in the end. In the 4th game, Yu Hong’s rushing ball didn’t have any ball pockets, Cong Jing cleared the table, 3-1. In the 5th game, Cong Jing scored another point, 4-1. There was an episode in the 6th game. Yu Hong had already got the ball in his hand, but when he was swinging the ball, he encountered his own ball and returned the ball. Cong Jing accepted the gift, 5 to 1.

After the timeout, Yu Hong still did not find the state he was in yesterday’s victory over Zhang Xiaotong. In the 7th game, Cong Jing missed the No. 8 ball but stayed in the pocket. Yu Hong made two consecutive lobs. Cong Jing succeeded in solving the ball in his second attempt, 6-1. In the 8th inning, Yu Hong took the lead, but left it in the pocket when he hit the No. 6 ball. Cong Jing hit the No. 6 ball and formed a lob while defending. Even though he solved the No. 8 ball when Hong solved the ball. The cue ball washed the bag, and Cong Jing took the lead 7 to 1. In the 9th game, after several offensive and defensive exchanges, Yu Hong finally scored a point, 2 to 7. In the 10th game, Cong Jing made use of his opponent’s mistake to hit the 8th ball. Although the mid-bag attack failed, Yu Hong again turned down a low-level error and sent the ball in his hand. Cong Jing rewritten the score to 8-2.

In the next two games, Cong Jing and Yu Hong each scored one point, and Cong Jing continued to lead 9-3. Yu Hong seemed to have found some touch, and got a chance through the mid-range defense in two consecutive rounds to chase the score to 5-9. In the 15th inning, Cong Jing’s one-stroke and defended ball formed a lob to his opponent. Yu Hong did not solve it. Cong Jing used the ball in his hand to get the match point, 10 to 5. In the 16th game, Cong Jing seized the opportunity left by his opponent again, and succeeded in a wonderful No. 8 ball turning pocket attack. In the end, he defeated Yu Hong 11 to 5 and won the championship.

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