Double Zhe Cup U2210 Red Ball Championship, high prize money, good equipment and considerate system

It must be mentioned that the billiard table used in the game is the golden table of the Star World Championships just used in the Yushan World Open. Such a high configuration of equipment, plus the high prize of 50,000 yuan for the champion, will definitely let you Many “old” players are envious. But this is not the end, the top four still have a chance (without signing the brokerage contract) to obtain the Shuangzhe player brokerage contract. That is to say, the champion of this competition will receive a bonus of 50,000 yuan and a contract of tens of thousands of yuan, which is really a local tyrant in the national youth competition.

As one of the organizers of the tournament, Yang Ming, chairman of the Xianyang Billiards Association, is also the father and coach of the young players. He deeply knows the hardships and expectations of the parents who take their children around to participate in the competition. The setting of the tournament system is even more considerate. 6 On the day of the match, there were two qualifying matches, each of which advanced 8 players. Players who lost the first game had a second chance. In fact, it provides more opportunities for children to exercise in this high-level game.

As soon as the news of the event was released, it attracted a lot of attention. The local Qin Yufu Tea in Xianyang, Ziyun Real Estate Company and the industry O’min Mystery Club, Guangdong Denglong Optoelectronics, 6811, and Yalemei all actively participated in the event. Domestic sports Leading live broadcasts, LeTV Sports and Octopus Live also gave the green light for the event. Guangdong Weiyang will provide the front-end signal output for the game. Octopus Live will be broadcast live on 5 tables throughout the whole process. For anchors who need live signals and official information of the game, please contact the match news supervisor. (Tel 1391 1391 147), we will do our best to facilitate your live broadcast.

Such a good event will open next week, so stay tuned.

The 2016 Shuangzhe Cup U22 Youth Snooker 10 Red Ball Championship is about to kick off in the ancient capital of Xianyang. This event was sponsored by Shuangzhe Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by Shuangzhe Company and Xianyang Sports Bureau. The competition with the highest prize money among the youth competitions.

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