O’Sullivan in Wales was reversed and missed the finals

In the semi-finals of the 2020 Snooker Welsh Open, O’Sullivan played against Karen Wilson. He scored two breaks, once led 3-1 and 4-2, and scored the match point 5-4 first. The enemy took advantage of the deciding game to get the game 6-5, and suffered a major reversal and missed the semi-finals.

O’Sullivan beat Selby 5-1 in the quarter-finals, ranking in the top 16 in the world in a single season, facing Karen Wilson in the semi-finals, and defending Robertson with a 5-0 sweep. O’Sullivan had previously played against Karen Wilson five times, gaining one of the advantages of four wins and one loss. This time, the semi-final adopts 11 games and 6 wins.

Karen Wilson scored on the long stage in the first game, scored 30 points in one stroke and made a mistake in the bag. O’Sullivan lost 20 points and missed the yellow ball, Karen Wilson attacked to no avail, O’Sullivan went to the red number from far away, and then took 26 points to defend. Karen Wilson’s offensive foul gave an opportunity for the red number, O’Sullivan lost the final red number 65-30, and Karen Wilson cleared the stage to catch up to 65. After multiple defenses, O’Sullivan scored a black ball and won 72-65 first.

In the second game, O’Sullivan hit the red number on the long table, and missed the black ball with a small difficulty coefficient for 38 points in a single stroke. Karen Wilson scored 30 points but also made a mistake. O’Sullivan made two more entries and succeeded in clearing Taiwan to another victory 97-30. In the third game, O’Sullivan hit the red number on the semi-long platform again. He scored a 7-point frame attack and made a mistake. Karen Wilson scored 94 points in one shot.

In the fourth game, two people made a mistake with the red numbers in turn, O’Sullivan hit the red number in the envelope, and the attack was interrupted after getting 8. After Karen Wilson’s long run, they all quickly sent opportunities again. O’Sullivan scored 100 points in a single shot and finished the first four games of the half-time with a 110-8 victory 3-1.

In the fifth game of the second half, Karen Wilson scored 69 points to catch up with a game 75-12. In the sixth inning, Karen Wilson scored a red number and fouled it. O’Sullivan seized the opportunity to get started. In this game, Yezhu himself over the second shot, scored 125 points and got 4-2 at 129-1. Lead. In the seventh inning, Karen Wilson made several rounds and scored 52 points in a single stroke to catch up with a game with a 100-0 win. In the eighth inning, O’Sullivan’s excellent red number sent him a chance. Karen Wilson scored 136 points and pulled two games to tie the game to 4 points.

O’Sullivan controlled the situation in the ninth game and scored 81 points to win 85-30 and 5-4 to get the match point. In the tenth game, Karen Wilson resisted the pressure of work and won 96-1 with 64 points in a single stroke to catch up to 5 draws. In the deciding game, Karen Wilson continued to work hard, scoring 59 points, reversing O’Sullivan 6-5 with a score of 68-0, and reached the semi-finals of the rankings for the seventh time.

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