2012 Daqian Cup Star Chinese Black Eight Exchange Competition?

2012 Daqian Cup Star Chinese Black Eight Exchange Competition

Main Office: Fujian Star Billiards League

Organizer: Fuzhou Daqianxing Billiards Club

1. Media support unit:

Www.tq98.com www.top147.com www.my147.com

2. Designated material: star pool table

3. Competition item: Chinese 8-ball individual match

4. Qualifications of the contestants:

(1) Except for the well-known (first-line) players in Fuzhou, they can participate.

5. Competition method:

(1) The game adopts the latest Chinese 8-ball competition rules approved by the China Taiwan Association.

(2) The competition is divided into 8 groups for group round-robin competitions, with 4 people in each group and 7 wins; the top 32 players adopt a double defeat system, 9 wins in the semifinals, 11 wins in the semifinals, and 13 finals. The loser pays the Taiwan fee.

(3) Male player meets female player Jean Oichi.

(4) In the case of the same score in the group round robin, the winner will qualify according to the relationship between the two parties with the same points. If this principle cannot determine the qualified players (such as 3 or more players with the same points), the second principle According to the net win relationship, the player with the most net win will qualify. If this principle cannot determine the qualifying player (such as the net win of 3 or more players), the third principle is to use black 8 to determine the qualifying player.

6. Designated table: Xingpai pool table

Seven. Referee and arbitration:

Daqian (Xingpai) Billiards Club selects the chief referee, referees and arbitrators.

8. Sub-station award setting:

First place: 1,000 yuan in cash, trophy, certificate

Second place: 500 yuan in cash, trophy, certificate

Third place: 300 yuan cash, trophy, certificate

Fourth place-Eighth place: Daqian 100 yuan recharge card

Nine. Race registration and registration:

1. Registration time: As of 12:00 noon on March 10, 2012, late registration is invalid.

2. Check-in location: Daqian (Xingpai) Billiards Club, Jinhui New Village, No. 589, Lianjiang North Road, Jin’an District

3. Draw time: 13:30 on March 10, 2012, if the draw fails, the referee will draw the lot on its behalf

4. Registration fee: 20 yuan per person, free for female players

10. Event contact person and telephone number: Daqianxing Billiard Club: 0591-8361338318050291317

11. Relevant requirements:

(1) During the competition, smoking is prohibited in the venue, mobile phones are turned off or set to vibrate, alcohol, gambling or other bad behaviors are strictly prohibited

(2) Contestants are not allowed to be late for no reason or abstain. Competitors must be present 15 minutes before the start of the game to prepare. After the start of the game, five minutes later, a game will be lost. Those who fail to arrive 10 minutes will be awarded the game. The next game can continue. Those who do not arrive for two consecutive games will be considered as abstention.

(3) Anyone who disagrees with the referee’s decision must be raised before the next stroke by both players after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted.

12. If there are less than 64 players registered to participate, this event has the right to cancel the game, and the final interpretation right belongs to Daqian Billiards Club.

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