Top players are upset in succession and collectively out, Ding Junhui loses to Watana 3-6

On April 2, 2019, the first round of Xingpai Group’s 2019 World Snooker China Open entered the second match day. Except for Robertson, Wilson, Allen who retired and O’Sullivan who did not participate, the rest of the top ten players were all eliminated in the postponement of qualification and the first round.

O’Connor wins six games in a row, Higgins is eliminated in first round

Veteran John Higgins played against newly promoted teenager Joe O’Connor. Higgins won two straight games at the beginning, but was reversed by O’Connor in six straight games and stopped in the first round. O’Connor performed eye-catching in this game, with strong style and good accuracy, playing the style of a young player.

Wilson’s full firepower 6-1 overtakes teenager Yuan Sijun

Karen Wilson played steadily in the game, while the teenager Yuan Sijun made more mistakes and did not seize most of the opportunities in the game. In the end Wilson defeated his opponent by a big score of 6-1.

Dahdi defeated Mark Williams 6-4 in ten rounds

On the afternoon of April 2nd, the first round of the competition continued in full swing. Post-70s veteran Mark Williams faced post-sixty veteran Ken Dahdi. After ten rounds of fierce battle between the two sides, Williams was always suppressed by Dahdi. After regaining a match point, Williams made a key mistake and lost the chance of a comeback, and was finally eliminated by Dahdi 6-4.

After 11 rounds of the match, Trump was outset 5-6

On the afternoon of April 2, 2019, the first round of Xingpai Group’s 2019 World Snooker China Open entered the second match day. Judd Trump vs. Robbie Williams. In this game, Williams had an eye-catching performance, a steady style of play, and a precise long table. He narrowly defeated Trump 6-5. Trump made frequent mistakes in the start and lost three games in a row. Later, he struggled to catch up and once tied with Williams. But in the eleventh round of the decisive game defensive mistakes, regrettably stopped in the first round.

Maguire’s quick decision to eliminate Chinese teenager 6-1

On the evening of April 2, 2019, on the second match day of the first round of the Xingpai Group’s 2019 World Snooker China Open, Stephen Maguire played against Chinese teenager Xu Si. The two sides went through seven games, and Xu Si was always suppressed by the other side. In the end, Maguire eliminated Xu Si 6-1 and entered the second round. Maguire was in a hot state during the game, and he attacked quickly. During the whole game, all games ended the earliest in the evening.

Ding Junhui upset and stops the first round, Watana advances six to three

Ding Junhui faced Thai veteran James Wattana. Ding Junhui was in poor condition throughout the game and made many key mistakes. Although Watana made mistakes, he always controlled the rhythm of the game by virtue of accuracy and stable handling of key balls. In the end Ding Junhui lost three to six and Wattana advanced to the second round.

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