Karamay Star Billiards Club Fron Cup” Snooker Handicap Competition Rules

Celebrating the New Year, in order to enhance the mutual exchanges between billiards fans and improve the overall level of billiards in the region, sponsored by the Fran Cultural Education Communication Center, the Xingpai Billiards Club is planned to be held from January 21, 2017 to January 2017 The “Fran Cup” snooker handicap match will be held on 22nd, the rules are as follows:

One, organizer, support unit

Karamay District Star Billiards Hall

Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. (www.xingpaibilliard.com)

Fran Cultural Education Communication Center International Foreign Language Training Base

2. Competition method

1. The competition system is determined according to the number of applicants;

2. The game will be held in accordance with the official competition method of the People’s Republic of China (Billiards) and the “Billiards Competition Rules” approved by the China Billiards Association.

3. Qualifications

No requirement for hometown, age, or gender, as long as they are healthy.

4. Competition items

Snooker Individual

5. The designated table for the game

Star pool table

Six, game method

Snooker Handicap is divided into 8 gears, each handicap is 7 points (tentative). Before the start of the competition, the organizer will determine their respective gears according to the comprehensive competitive ability of each participant and the previous competition results.

Seven, competition date and location

1, competition date

January 21, 2017-January 22, 2017

2. Competition time: 12:00-20:00 Beijing time

3. Venue: Xingpai Billiards Club (Second Floor, Metro Plaza, No. 78 Tahe Road, Karamay City)

8. Registration, lottery, fees:

1. Registration by phone or WeChat is acceptable. Each participant needs to pay a registration fee of 100 yuan (women are exempt from registration fee). After the event, the registration fee will be fully refunded to each participant (this The club will apply for free gold membership cards for non-member contestants after the game), and the registration fee will be paid before the draw.

2. After each game, the losing player shall pay the full table fee for that game in cash.

3, Contact: Mr. Zhang

4. Contact number: 13519912935 15009902018

5. WeChat ID: 13519912935

Nine, referee committee

Chief Referee: Suo Ligang

Referee: invited by the organizer

10. Entry requirements

1. Obey the rules of the competition and obey the arrangements of the competition;

2. 10 minutes before the start of the game, contestants must go to the check-in office for check-in; the chief referee announces that the players who have not appeared after the start of the game will be sentenced to lose one round, and the players who do not appear after 15 minutes will be sentenced to lose one round, and then 15 minutes Lose one round for the unit until the end of the game;

3. Appeals against the judgment of the referee on duty must be submitted to the arbitration after the referee’s decision and before the next stroke of both players, otherwise it will be deemed to obey the decision and will not be accepted separately;

4. Contestants are strictly prohibited from smoking, drinking or performing other bad behaviors in the competition area during the competition;

5. Participants must wear formal attire to enter the quarterfinals.

6. ​​Anyone who violates the above requirements will be punished according to the circumstances until the qualification is disqualified.

11, reward setting

1. Top 8 awards

★Championship: Reward cash 2000 yuan + stored value card 600 + certificate

★Runner-up: Reward cash 1,000 yuan + stored-value card 400 + certificate

★Second Runner-up: Reward cash 600 yuan + stored value card 200 + certificate

★Fourth place: Reward cash 400 yuan + stored value card 100 + certificate

★Tied for fifth place: each reward is 200 yuan in cash + certificate

2, the highest single-stroke award (100 points or more): 500 yuan in cash, and enjoy free personal training in the club’s free time.

12. Unfinished matters will be notified separately.

Karamay District Star Billiards Hall

January 7, 2017

Signature: Star Billiards

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