After Liu Shasha wins Zhou Doudou at the Pengzhou International match, more than a thousand fans watch the match

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association On the evening of June 25, the 2017 CBSA Pengzhou American 9-Ball International Open will all end. In the women’s final, Liu Shasha defeated Zhou Doudou 11-7, won the women’s championship and took the 100,000 yuan championship cheque.

The CBSA 9-Ball International Open is a high-level international series. 9-ball players from 21 countries and regions participated in the Pengzhou Station competition. In the women’s team, when South Korean “Little Witch” Jin Jiaying, British star Fisher and national player Fu Xiaofang were all down, Liu Shasha from Henan Lankao and Zhou Doudou from Zhengzhou, Henan competed against Qunfang and met in the finals.

Liu Shasha is currently ranked 3rd in the world. Although she is only 24 years old this year, she has three World Championship titles under her name. This week, she shined again in Pengzhou. In the group stage, she defeated Gu Zhengqing 7-2 and then defeated Sun Danhong 7-3, directly qualifying from the winning team.

Entering the single Taobao, Liu Shasha became more and more brave. In the three games yesterday, facing increasingly formidable opponents, she always maintained a vigorous fighting force, sweeping Sun Danhong, former world champion Fu Xiaofang and South Korean “Little Witch” Kim Jiaying with three powerful 9-2s. Enter the final.

After many years of experience, Zhou Doudou has once again proved her existence. In yesterday’s semi-finals, she drew away Han Yu, who had reached the top of the Women’s World Championship twice at the end of last year and is now number one in the world, 9-6. Following the 2012 Shanghai 9-ball China Open, he entered the final of the international competition for the second time in his career.

The finals were packed, and the huge stadium was packed with nearly two thousand enthusiastic Pengzhou fans. Women’s finals grabbed 11 games. At the beginning of the game, Zhou Doudou, who was one year older, made more mistakes. First, he jumped the ball to hit the target ball out of the table, and then wasted a chance. Liu Shasha led 2-1. In the 4th game, Liu Shasha staged a blast, leading Zhou Doudou 3-1 by two games.

Liu Shasha accidentally missed the ball in the 5th game, Zhou Doudou bit the score 2-3. Liu Shasha won the 6th game, Zhou Doudou cleared the 7th game, and the 8th game belonged to Liu Shasha. Zhou Doudou, who was 3-5 behind, applied for a suspension.

Returning from a break, the finals continued. Zhou Doudou accidentally smashed the cue ball, and Liu Shasha, who won a free kick, extended the advantage to three games for the first time by 6-3. The 10th game was a battle with errors. There were still five balls on the table, Zhou Doudou’s leaks, Liu Shasha and Zhou Doudou opened the distance 7-3.

In the 11th game, Zhou Doudou seized the opportunity to get back a city after another alternate error. Next Zhou Doudou won the 12th game, 5-7 to avoid further expansion of the points difference.

After the second timeout, the two sides launched the final battle. In the 13th game, Zhou Doudou made a mistake in rushing the ball and Liu Shasha cleared the game and then cleared the game. The score was 9-5, only two steps away from the victory.

Zhou Doudou worked hard to adjust and the effect was not good. He won the 15th round and then lost the 16th round. Zhou Doudou fell behind 6-10 and Liu Shasha had already won the match point. There was no much suspense in the remaining time. Zhou Doudou held back after saving a match point. Liu Shasha blasted his way to 11-7 to seal the victory and win the women’s team championship. Zhou Doudou broke into the international competition for the second time after five years and ended in runner-up again.

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